Definition of Tax Related Agreements

Tax Related Agreements means all existing agreements or arrangements (whether or not written) binding the Company or any Subsidiary that (i) provide for the allocation, apportionment, sharing or assignment of any Tax liability or benefit, or the transfer or assignment of income, revenues, receipts, or gains for the purpose of determining any Person's liability in respect of any Tax, (ii) require the Company or any Subsidiary to pay to any Person in respect of any Tax or (iii) require the Company or any Subsidiary to take into account the Tax liability or activities of any other Person in determining its Tax liability.
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Examples of Tax Related Agreements in a sentence

AMOUNTS AND TERMS OF LOANS 2 2.1 Procedure for Borrowing 2 2.2 Terms of Repayment of Each Relevant Loan; Interest; Evidence of Debt 3 2.3 Mutilated, Destroyed, Lost or Stolen Notes 4 2.4 Optional Prepayments 4 2.5 Mandatory Prepayment 5 2.6 [Reserved] 5 2.7 Taxes 5 2.8 Certain Tax Related Agreements 14 2.9 Increased Costs 14 2.10 Termination of Security Agreement 15 2.11 Replacement of Lenders 15 SECTION 3.