Definition of Tax-Qualified Savings Plan

Tax-Qualified Savings Plan means the FMC Corporation Savings and Investment Plan, as amended from time to time.
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Examples of Tax-Qualified Savings Plan in a sentence

The Company will credit all Matching Contributions made on a Participant's behalf to the Participant's Matching Contributions Account within a reasonable period after the date they would have been contributed to the Tax-Qualified Savings Plan, if they could have been permitted allocated under that Plan.
The Plan will automatically terminate as to any Employer upon termination of the Employer's participation in the Tax-Qualified Savings Plan.
That plan was amended and restated effective as of September 1, 1997 as the FMC Corporation Non-Qualified Retirement and Thrift Plan, and it permitted a select group of management or highly compensated employees to make deferrals and receive contributions and benefits that could not be made or received under the Tax-Qualified Savings Plan and FMC Corporation Employees' Retirement Program.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, some of those Participants made irrevocable elections before January 1, 1998 to have the vested portions of their Accounts paid in distribution forms permitted under the Tax-Qualified Savings Plan, beginning, in each case, at a later date selected by the Participant.
A Participant's vested interest in his or her Matching Contributions Account is determined in the same manner, at the same time and to the same extent as his or her vested interest in the matching contribution account under the Tax-Qualified Savings Plan.