Definition of Tax Indemnity Claim

Tax Indemnity Claim means a claim against the Seller under or in connection with Schedule 27 (Tax Matters).

Examples of Tax Indemnity Claim in a sentence

An Increased Tax Indemnity Claim shall include a detailed explanation of the calculation of the Increased Taxes and Gross Up Payment, which calculations shall be prepared by a certified public accountant of such Shareholders choosing.
B) Except in the case of an Increased Tax Dispute Notice, indemnification under clause (A) above shall be made by payment to each Shareholder in cash of the amount of such Shareholders Increased Taxes plus a Gross Up Payment within twenty (20) days of the delivery by such Shareholder to Parent of a claim (an Increased Tax Indemnity Claim) for indemnification hereunder (the Claim Payment Due Date).