Definition of Tax Indemnity

Tax Indemnity means the deed of covenant against Taxation in the Agreed Terms to be entered into at Closing;
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Examples of Tax Indemnity in a sentence

On the Effective Date, OpCo, PropCo, and New CEC shall enter into the Tax Indemnity Agreement, and the Tax Indemnity Agreement shall become effective in accordance with its terms and the Plan.
If the Company delivers an Opinion Letter, the Tax Advisor shall recompute, and the Company shall make, the Tax Indemnity Payment in reliance on the information contained in the Opinion Letter.
If the Lender intends to make a claim for any Tax Indemnity Amounts pursuant to Clause 8.3 (Tax Indemnity), it shall notify the Borrower thereof; provided that nothing herein shall require the Lender to disclose any confidential information relating to the organisation of its affairs.
The Borrower shall, on the date of prepayment, pay all accrued and unpaid interest, any Additional Amounts and any Tax Indemnity Amounts (each only with respect to the amount subject to such prepayment), as of such date of prepayment and all other amounts payable to the Lender hereunder in connection with such prepayment.
Operative Documents: this Sublease, the Sublease Tax Indemnity Agreement, [ * ], the Sublease Assignment, the Nondisturbance Agreement, the Purchase Agreement, the Purchase Agreement Assignment, and the PAA Consent.