Definition of Tax Indemnity

Tax Indemnity means the indemnification rights contained in ARTICLE IX with respect to any breach of the representations and warranties contained in Section 3.14 (Taxes) or contained in Section 3.6(b) (Absence of Material Changes) in respect of the items contemplated by Section 7.2(b)(xix).

Examples of Tax Indemnity in a sentence

If the Company delivers an Opinion Letter, the Tax Advisor shall recompute, and the Company shall make, the Tax Indemnity Payment in reliance on the information contained in the Opinion Letter.
If the Stipulated Loss Values payable under the Lease are reduced pursuant to the Tax Indemnity Agreement, the Stipulated Loss Values payable under the Sublease shall be reduced by the same amounts.
Operative Documents: this Sublease, the Sublease Tax Indemnity Agreement, [ * ], the Sublease Assignment, the Nondisturbance Agreement, the Purchase Agreement, the Purchase Agreement Assignment, and the PAA Consent.
Basic Rent and Stipulated Loss Values also shall be adjusted to the extent provided by the Sublease Tax Indemnity Agreement.
Transaction Documents: the Operative Documents and the Lease, the Participation Agreement, the Tax Indemnity Agreement, [ * ], the Mortgage, the Loan Certificates, the Trust Agreement, and the Sublessor's full warranty bill of sale and FAA Bill of Sale for the Aircraft.