Definition of Tax Allocation Period

Tax Allocation Period means for each Tax Partnership Series each period beginning on (A) the later of (i) the day after the end of the prior Tax Allocation Period, (ii) the date hereof, or (iii) the effective date of the creation of such Tax Partnership Series and ending on (B) the close of business on the earlier of (i) the next date upon which net asset value is determined under Article VI, Section 1(a) hereof, (ii) the effective date of an issuance or redemption of Shares with respect to such Tax Partnership Series, (iii) the end of the Tax Year, or (iv) the date on which the Tax Partnership Series liquidates. (w)

Examples of Tax Allocation Period in a sentence

Company shall make a cash distribution of the amounts contemplated in this Section 7.2 to the Members no later than (a) ten (10) Days after the end of each Tax Allocation Period that constitutes a period for which an individual estimated federal income tax payment is due, and (b) ninety (90) Days after the end of each Tax Allocation Period that constitutes a Fiscal Year.
Paragraph 14 of the Original Agreement relating to the termination of the Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and is hereby replaced with the following language: "The County may terminate this Agreement prior to the expiration of the Amended Tax Allocation Period, with or without cause, by delivering to the Chamber written notice of termination.