TAX ADMINISTRATION AND TAX MATTERS PERSON. The Securities Administrator or any successor thereto or assignee thereof shall serve as tax administrator hereunder and as agent for the Tax Matters Person. The Holder of each Class of Residual Certificates shall be the Tax Matters Person for the related REMIC, as more particularly set forth in Section 9.12 hereof.


  • Tax Matters Person The person designated as "tax matters person" in the manner provided under Treasury regulation ss. 1.860F-4(d) and Treasury regulation ss. 301.6231(a)(7)-1. Initially, the Tax Matters Person shall be the Trustee.

  • Tax Matters Partner has the meaning set forth in Section 6.7(b).

  • Tax Matters Person Certificate The Class A-R Certificate with a Denomination of $0.01.

  • criminal tax matters means tax matters involving intentional conduct which is liable to prosecution under the criminal laws of the applicant Party;

  • Tax Administrator means the individual charged with direct responsibility for administration of an income tax levied by a municipal corporation in accordance with this chapter, and also includes the following:

  • Administrative and Audit Regulations means all applicable statutes, regulations, and other laws governing administration or audit of this Contract, including Title 2, Part 200, Code of Federal Regulations and Chapters 321 and 2155 of the Texas Government Code.

  • Tax Matters Member has the meaning set forth in Section 8.4(d).

  • PAYEE TAX REPRESENTATIONS Each representation specified in the Schedule as being made by it for the purpose of this Section 3(f) is accurate and true.

  • United States Tax Compliance Certificate has the meaning set forth in Section 3.01(d)(ii)(C) and is in substantially the form of Exhibit I hereto.

  • Person responsible for the child s care” means (1) an individual functioning within the family unit and having responsibilities for the care of the child such as a parent, guardian, or other person having similar care responsibilities, or (2) an individual functioning outside the family unit and having responsibilities for the care of the child such as a teacher, school administrator, other school employees or agents, or other lawful custodian of a child having either full-time or short-term care responsibilities including, but not limited to, day care, babysitting whether paid or unpaid, counseling, teaching, and coaching.

  • Independent educational evaluation means an evaluation conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the public agency responsible for the education of the child in question; and

  • Self-administration means carrying and taking medication without the intervention of the school nurse, approved through the school district policy and restricted to students with asthma, other potentially life-threatening illnesses or life-threatening allergic reaction.

  • Self-Administration of Medication means the individual manages and takes his or her own medication, identifies his or her medication and the times and methods of administration, places the medication internally in or externally on his or her own body without staff assistance upon written order of a physician, and safely maintains the medication without supervision.

  • Responsible administrative authority means, with respect to a structured settlement, any government authority vested by law with exclusive jurisdiction over the settled claim resolved by the structured settlement.

  • Federal Tax Certificate means the Issuer's Federal Tax Certificate dated as of the Issue Date, as the same may be amended or supplemented in accordance with the provisions thereof.

  • General Master Servicer Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, and its successors in interest and assigns, or any successor thereto (as General Master Servicer) appointed as provided herein.

  • Settlement Administration Expenses means the expenses incurred by the Settlement Administrator in or relating to administering the Settlement, providing Notice, mailing checks for Settlement Payments, and other such related expenses, with all such expenses to be paid from the Settlement Fund.

  • Expert Advisor means a mechanical online trading system designed to automate trading activities on an electronic trading platform such as the Company’s Trading Platform. It can be programmed to alert the Client of a trading opportunity and can also trade his Trading Account automatically managing all aspects of trading operations from sending orders directly to the Trading Platform to automatically adjusting stop loss, Trailing Stops and take profit levels.

  • Judicial Council’s Master Account means the Judicial Council’s billing account to which the Contractor is authorized to charge specifically identified charges under this Agreement.

  • Accountant General means the officer of the National Treasury designated as the Accountant- General;

  • 1940 Act Asset Coverage means “asset coverage,” as defined for purposes of Section 18(h) of the 1940 Act, of at least 200% with respect to all outstanding senior securities of the Fund which are shares of stock for purposes of the 1940 Act, including all outstanding MuniFund Term Preferred Shares (or such other asset coverage as may in the future be specified in or under the 1940 Act or by rule, regulation or order of United States Securities and Exchange Commission as the minimum asset coverage for senior securities which are shares of stock of a closed-end investment company).

  • Independent Accounting Firm has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(b).

  • Opinion of Independent Counsel means a written opinion of counsel which is issued by a Person who is not an employee, director or consultant (other than non-employee legal counsel) of the Company or any Guarantor and who shall be acceptable to the Trustee, and which opinion shall be in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Trustee.

  • Tax Representations Each representation specified in the Schedule as being made by it for the purpose of this Section 3(f) is accurate and true.

  • Settlement Administration Costs means the amount to be paid to the Settlement