Tangible Research Property definition

Tangible Research Property means research results that are in a tangible form and that include items such as materials, drawings, integrated circuit chips, computer software, computer and other databases, processes, prototypes and circuit diagrams.

Examples of Tangible Research Property in a sentence

  • University-Owned Tangible Research Property (“TRP”), as defined in §2.1.7, for which a patent application has not been filed will generally remain in the custody of the principal investigator of the research or other project or program under which it was developed, or if there was none, in the custody of the academic department chair or other appropriate administrative unit supervisor.

More Definitions of Tangible Research Property

Tangible Research Property. (or “TRP”) means tangible (or corporeal) items produced in the course of research, clinical or other activities at or under the auspices of NYU, or otherwise made with Significant Use of University Resources. TRP includes, but is not limited to, such items as: biological materials, engineering drawings, integrated circuit chips, physical embodiments of computer software and computer databases, algorithms and databases (e.g., computer disks and firmware), prototype devices, circuit diagrams, and equipment, as is intended to include items that are in existence or that may arise in the future. TRP are separate and distinct from Inventions, patents, Copyrightable Works, copyright or Research Data. Individual items of TRP may be associated with copyrights or patents. For purposes of this Statement of Policy on Intellectual Property, Tangible Research Property also includes all registrations, filings, depository rights and indicia covering the TRP. By way of illustration only, this includes but is not limited to: ATCC data and rights, mask work rights, and Plant Variety Protection Certificates.
Tangible Research Property as used in this Policy means tangible products of research that include, but are not limited to: compositions, biological and chemical materials(including but not limited to cell lines, plasmids, dna, rna, and transgenic animals), prototypes, devices, equipment and the like.
Tangible Research Property means, subject to Section 9.3 below, any and all research tools and other personal property that WU may provide to Licensee as specifically set forth in Exhibit B hereto.