Such Service Provider definition

Such Service Provider s sales staff shall conduct sales calls (including joint sales calls with the appropriate Galileo account executive) to users of the Galileo system throughout the ATS Territory, as mutually agreed between the parties.

Examples of Such Service Provider in a sentence

  • Such Service Provider owned vehicles will be part of the fleet to be deployed by the Service Provider in case he gets the contract against this bid.

  • Such Service Provider personnel shall be qualified and, if required to work with officers, employees or agents of the Global Fund, shall be able to do so effectively.

  • Such Service Provider shall pay and be responsible for all wages, salary or other compensation, taxes, insurance and, except as expressly specified herein or in any Schedule or separate agreement, other costs and expenses with respect to such personnel.

  • Such Service Provider shall not use or disclose such license for any purpose unrelated to the provision of the applicable Service(s), except as required by applicable statute, law, rule or regulation.

  • Such Service Provider shall be responsible for the Services performed by its respective subcontractors, and such Service Provider shall be the applicable Service Recipient’s primary point of contact regarding the Services provided by such Service Provider hereunder, including with respect to payment.

  • Penal Code section 11165.7, e.g. subsections (a)(7) and (a)(8); Sections 11164 and sequential.) Such Service Provider shall maintain copies of such reports.

  • Such Service Provider may be an affiliated entity within a group or an entity external to such group.

  • Such Service Provider shall not be responsible for the performance of any Third-Party Services so long as such Service Provider reasonably selects the provider of such Third-Party Services and imposes on such third-party provider the confidentiality obligations specified in this Agreement.

  • Such Service Provider security measures will be reasonably designed to safeguard Client Personal Data that is within its custody or control against unauthorized or unlawful Processing, accidental destruction or loss.

  • The substantially true report of the proceedings of a Court of Justice or the result of any such proceedings.

Related to Such Service Provider

  • The Service Provider means the organization or firm providing the services under this Contract.

  • Service Provider means an Employee, Director or Consultant.

  • Network Service Provider means the undertaking appointed by the ECB's Governing Council to provide computerised network connections for the purpose of submitting payment messages in TARGET2,

  • Video service provider means that term as defined in section 1 of the uniform video services local franchise act, 2006 PA 480, MCL 484.3301.

  • Sub-Service Provider means any person / firm / Organization / company /entity (other than the Service Provider) and it’s legal representatives, successors and permitted assigns named in the Contract as a Sub-Service Provider for a part of the Services or to whom a part of the Services has been sub-Contracted with the written prior consent of the Employer.

  • Telecom Service Provider means any Telecom operator in India, who is licensed by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Government of India to provide telecom services to the general public or to the other DOT licensed Telecom operators. "Telecom Service Provider" also refers to any Telecom operator in other countries providing telecom services to general public of that country or to other telecom operators of the same country.

  • Company Service Provider means an employee, individual consultant, individual independent contractor, individual self-employed contractor, leased or temporary employee or director of the Company or any of its Subsidiaries.

  • Education service provider means an education management organization, school

  • Home service provider means the facilities-based carrier or reseller with which the customer contracts for the provision of mobile telecommunications services.

  • Wireless service provider means a person that provides wireless service to the public.

  • Third Party Service Provider means any consultant, agent, advisor, or independent contractor who renders services to the Company, a Subsidiary, or an Affiliate that (a) are not in connection with the offer and sale of the Company’s securities in a capital raising transaction, and (b) do not directly or indirectly promote or maintain a market for the Company’s securities.

  • Internet service provider (ISP) is an Enhanced Service Provider that provides Internet Services, and is defined in paragraph 341 of the FCC’s First Report and Order in CC Docket No. 97-158.

  • Health Service Provider means the following persons and entities:

  • Certified service provider means an agent certified:

  • Service Provider Personnel means and refers to Service Provider employees or subcontractors hired and maintained to perform Services hereunder.

  • Local Service Provider or “LSP” means a non-incumbent carrier licensed by the Commission with the appropriate certification (e.g., a Certificate of Authorization or Service Provider Certificate of Authorization) and authority necessary to provide Exchange Services.

  • financial service provider means any person, other than a representative, who as a regular feature of the business of such person –

  • Qualified Service Provider means a Person with specific educational training or at least two years of experience in delivering the Supportive Service(s).

  • Transmission Service Provider means the entity that administers the transmission tariff and provides transmission service to transmission customers under applicable transmission service agreements.

  • energy service provider means a natural or legal person who delivers energy services or other energy efficiency improvement measures in a final customer’s facility or premises;

  • Curtailment Service Provider or “CSP” shall mean a Member or a Special Member, which action on behalf of itself or one or more other Members or non-Members, participates in the PJM Interchange Energy Market, Ancillary Services markets, and/or Reliability Pricing Model by causing a reduction in demand.

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP means an Enhanced Service Provider (ESP) that provides Internet Services.

  • Ambulance service provider means Latrobe Health Services recognises the following providers for the purposes of paying benefits:

  • Service Recipient means, with respect to a Participant holding a given Award, the member of the Company Group by which the original recipient of such Award is, or following a Termination was most recently, principally employed or to which such original recipient provides, or following a Termination was most recently providing, services, as applicable.

  • Communications service provider means a service provider that provides broadband service.

  • Third Party Service Providers means any third party wherever situated selected by us or any member of the BEA Group to provide services to it.