Definition of Subtenants Work

Subtenants Work shall mean the initial installations, alterations, additions, substitutions, improvements and decorations to be performed by Subtenant, or its agents, employees or contractors, at Subtenants sole cost and expense, subject to the provisions of this Paragraph 1.C., for the purpose of making the Sublease Premises ready for occupancy by Subtenant.

Examples of Subtenants Work in a sentence

Subtenant's Work shall include, but not be limited to, the cost of all permits and governmental inspections, demolition, fire life safety equipment installation, sprinkler relocation (if necessary) and all architectural and engineering fees.
Upon completion of Subtenant's Work and as part of the cost of Subtenant's Work, Subtenant will provide Sublandlord and Landlord with final construction documents consisting of two hard copy sets of bluelines and an electronic file in a format reasonably acceptable to Sublandlord.
Prior to the commencement of any of Subtenant's Work, Subtenant shall deliver to Sublandlord, with respect to each contractor and subcontractor which Subtenant intends to employ to perform any of Subtenant's Work, a certificate of insurance from each such contractor or subcontractor specifying Sublandlord as a named insured and evidencing that each such contractor or subcontractor has obtained the insurance coverages required under the terms of the Lease.
Sublandlord's approval of the Subtenant's Plans shall constitute approval of Subtenant's design concept only and shall in no event be deemed a representation or warranty by Sublandlord as to whether the Subtenant's Plans comply with any and all legal requirements applicable to the Subtenant's Plans and Subtenant's Work.
Subtenant shall obtain all permits, certificates and other governmental approvals from all governmental entities having jurisdiction thereover which are necessary for the prosecution and completion of Subtenant's Work.