Definition of Subtenants Proportionate Share

Subtenants Proportionate Share means a fraction having as its numerator the Rentable Area of the Sublet Premises and as its denominator the Rentable Area of the Premises (including the Sublet Premises). Capitalized terms used in this Sublease will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Head Lease, or in this Sublease if defined herein.

Subtenants Proportionate Share means 100%.

Examples of Subtenants Proportionate Share in a sentence

During the Sublease Term, Subtenant agrees to pay the Sublease Base Rent, Subtenant's Proportionate Share of Project Direct Expense, and any and all other additional rent and other payments (including late charges, interest, and fees) corresponding to the Sublease Space and due under the Master Lease, directly to Landlord at the times and in the manner required under this Sublease or under the Master Lease, as appropriate.
After deducting such costs, any resulting refund will be pro-rated between Sublandlord and Subtenant based on Subtenant's Proportionate Share.
DEMISING WALLS In the event there are no demising walls separating the Subleased Premises from the Overleased Premises ("Demising Walls"), if such Demising Walls are required by the Overlease or any Legal Requirements, Sublandlord shall construct same and Subtenant shall pay to Sublandlord upon demand Subtenant's Proportionate Share of all cost incurred by Sublandlord in connection with the design, construction and permitting of Demising Wall.
Subtenant shall have the right to use a number of parking spaces equal to Subtenants Proportionate Share of the total parking spaces allocated to Landlord under the Overlease.
Subject to Prime Landlord's prior consent, Subtenant, at Subtenant's sole cost, shall be granted the right to Subtenant's Proportionate Share of the signage in the Sublease Premises consistent with, and subject to, the Prime Lease.