Definition of Subtenants Property

Subtenants Property means all trade fixtures, furniture, and equipment installed at the sole expense of Subtenant and which are not replacements of any property of Sublandlord, whether any such replacement is made at Subtenants expense or otherwise. Subtenants Property shall not include items which become affixed to the Premises and cannot be removed without causing material damage to the Building.
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Examples of Subtenants Property in a sentence

Subtenant shall also maintain, at its sole expense, for the Term, any and all insurance in the amounts and form required of Sublandlord by and pursuant to the provisions of the Lease with respect to the Premises and Subtenants Property.
Subtenant shall keep and maintain Subtenants Property in good working order and condition.
Subtenant also shall be entitled to all tax benefits, depreciation, insurance and condemnation proceeds, assignment and subletting value, and other ownership attributes of the Initial Improvements designated as Subtenant's Property.
Subtenant shall be entitled to claim and receive any award or payment from the condemning authority expressly granted for the taking of Subtenant's Property, interruption of its business, moving expenses or any other actual costs provided that Subtenant's claim does not adversely affect Sublandlord's award or interfere with Sublandlord's prosecution of its claim for the taking, except to the extent related to Subtenant's Property.
Subtenant shall be entitled to receive that portion of the award which is made for any such temporary taking of the Premises attributable to any period within the term of this Sublease and for any damage to Subtenant's Property.