Definition of Subtenant Work

Subtenant Work means all work Subtenant intends to perform within the Subleased Premises in accordance with the Plans, subject to Sublandlord's approval, as provided in this Exhibit C.
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Examples of Subtenant Work in a sentence

At any time after Sublandlord notifies Subtenant that it has received Landlords Consent (defined in Section 5 below), Subtenant may take possession of the Premises to install its furniture, fixtures and equipment therein, and to perform any other work necessary to prepare the Premises for Subtenants intended use thereof (Subtenant Work).
Except as otherwise set forth in this Subtenant Work Letter (Initial Premises) or the Lease, Subtenant shall accept the Initial Premises from Sublandlord in its presently existing, "as-is" condition as of the date of this Lease.
Both Sublandlord and Subtenant acknowledge and agree that all construction previously provided by Landlord, outlined in Exhibit B of Lease was completed at the commencement of the Lease and that Subtenant shall have no obligation to restore or remove any alterations or Leasehold Improvements other than Subtenant Work.
In no event shall Sublandlord be obligated to make disbursements (or incur costs to complete the Initial Premises Subtenant Improvements) pursuant to this Subtenant Work Letter (Initial Premises) in a total amount which exceeds the Subtenant Initial Premises Improvement Allowance.
Following Sublessee's delivery of plans for the Subtenant Work (the "Subtenant Work Plan"), Sublessee shall provide a list of proposed contractors selected by Sublessee to perform the Subtenant Work to Sublessor and Lessor for approval, Sublessor shall use its best efforts to obtain immediate written consent for approval to perform from Lessor the Subtenant Work.