Street Price definition

Street Price means the average price regularly charged at Comparable Concession Locations for Comparable Products in the Metro Area or such other areas as permitted by these Street Pricing Standards and Procedures.
Street Price has the meaning set forth in Section 4.5 hereof.

Examples of Street Price in a sentence

  • As Exclusive listing Brokers, we hereby agree to the following Co-operating Broker Agreement on the property referred to as below: Street: Price: ID#: A Commission of % will be paid to Quicksale Home Realty, Inc., this will be the split with your office on the basis of % to you, % to Quicksale Home Realty, Inc.

Related to Street Price

  • Net Price means, with respect to the purchase of any Property, without duplication, (i) the aggregate purchase price paid as cash consideration for such purchase (without adjustment for prorations), including, without limitation, the principal amount of any note received or other deferred payment to be made in connection with such purchase (except as described in clause (ii) below) and the value of any non-cash consideration delivered in connection with such purchase (including, without limitation, shares or preferred shares of beneficial interest in General Partner and OP Units or Preferred OP Units (as defined in Borrower’s partnership agreement)) plus (ii) reasonable costs of sale and non-recurring taxes paid or payable in connection with such purchase or sale.

  • Average Market Price means, with respect to any security, the arithmetic average of the Market Price of such security for the 15 consecutive trading day period ending on and including the trading day immediately preceding the determination date.

  • Market Price means, with respect to a particular security, on any given day, the last reported sale price regular way or, in case no such reported sale takes place on such day, the average of the last closing bid and ask prices regular way, in either case on the principal national securities exchange on which the applicable securities are listed or admitted to trading, or if not listed or admitted to trading on any national securities exchange, the average of the closing bid and ask prices as furnished by two members of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. selected from time to time by the Company for that purpose. “Market Price” shall be determined without reference to after hours or extended hours trading. If such security is not listed and traded in a manner that the quotations referred to above are available for the period required hereunder, the Market Price per share of Common Stock shall be deemed to be (i) in the event that any portion of the Warrant is held by the Original Warrantholder, the fair market value per share of such security as determined in good faith by the Original Warrantholder or (ii) in all other circumstances, the fair market value per share of such security as determined in good faith by the Board of Directors in reliance on an opinion of a nationally recognized independent investment banking corporation retained by the Company for this purpose and certified in a resolution to the Warrantholder. For the purposes of determining the Market Price of the Common Stock on the “trading day” preceding, on or following the occurrence of an event, (i) that trading day shall be deemed to commence immediately after the regular scheduled closing time of trading on the New York Stock Exchange or, if trading is closed at an earlier time, such earlier time and (ii) that trading day shall end at the next regular scheduled closing time, or if trading is closed at an earlier time, such earlier time (for the avoidance of doubt, and as an example, if the Market Price is to be determined as of the last trading day preceding a specified event and the closing time of trading on a particular day is 4:00 p.m. and the specified event occurs at 5:00 p.m. on that day, the Market Price would be determined by reference to such 4:00 p.m. closing price).

  • Lowest price means the least possible amount that meets all requirements of the request of a purchasing agent.

  • Wholesale price or "WSP" shall mean the greater of (i) the first published price of the Licensed Product offered to retailers by Publisher as evidenced by a sell sheet or price list issued by Publisher, or (ii) the actual price paid by retailers upon the first commercial shipment of a Licensed Product without offsets, rebates or deductions from invoices of any kind.

  • Catalog price means a price included in a catalog, price list, schedule, or other form that is regularly maintained by the manufacturer or vendor, is either published or otherwise available for inspection by customers, and states prices at which sales are currently, or were last, made to a significant number of buyers constituting the general public; and

  • Current Market Price shall have the meaning set forth in Section 11(d) hereof.

  • Unit Price means an amount stated in the Bid for which Bidder offers to perform the Unit Price Work for a fixed price per unit of measurement.

  • SAFE Price means the price per share equal to (x) the Valuation Cap divided by (y) the Fully Diluted Capitalization.

  • Selling Price means the consideration for a sale valued

  • Resale Price means the price at which Seller, acting in a commercially reasonable manner, sells or is paid for a Rejected Purchase, plus transaction and other administrative costs reasonably incurred by Seller in re-selling such Rejected Purchase; provided, however, that in no event shall Seller be required to utilize or change its utilization of the Facility or its other assets, contracts or market positions in order to minimize Buyer’s liability for such Rejected Purchase.

  • Price means an amount of money tendered for goods or services, and includes all applicable taxes less all unconditional discounts;

  • List Price means the list of prices of the Goods maintained by the Seller as amended from time to time;

  • Real-time Prices means the Locational Marginal Prices resulting from the Office of the Interconnection’s dispatch of the PJM Interchange Energy Market in the Operating Day.

  • Sale Price means the value as determined by the Administrator of the consideration payable, or otherwise to be received by stockholders, per share of Stock pursuant to a Sale Event.

  • The Price means the price payable to the Supplier under the Contract for the full and proper performance of its contractual obligations.

  • VWAP means, for any date, the price determined by the first of the following clauses that applies: (a) if the Common Stock is then listed or quoted on a Trading Market, the daily volume weighted average price of the Common Stock for such date (or the nearest preceding date) on the Trading Market on which the Common Stock is then listed or quoted as reported by Bloomberg L.P. (based on a Trading Day from 9:30 a.m. (New York City time) to 4:02 p.m. (New York City time)), (b) if OTCQB or OTCQX is not a Trading Market, the volume weighted average price of the Common Stock for such date (or the nearest preceding date) on OTCQB or OTCQX as applicable, (c) if the Common Stock is not then listed or quoted for trading on OTCQB or OTCQX and if prices for the Common Stock are then reported on the Pink Open Market (or a similar organization or agency succeeding to its functions of reporting prices), the most recent bid price per share of the Common Stock so reported, or (d) in all other cases, the fair market value of a share of Common Stock as determined by an independent appraiser selected in good faith by the holders of a majority in interest of the Warrants then outstanding and reasonably acceptable to the Company, the fees and expenses of which shall be paid by the Company.