Strawberry definition

Strawberry has the meaning set forth in Schedule 2.
Strawberry means the fruit of the cultivars which are grown from the species Fragariaananassa. (q) WATERMELONS AND MELONS Definitions

Examples of Strawberry in a sentence

  • Payment should be directed to the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, Bureau of Licensing and Enforcement, 1227 Strawberry Square, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17120.

  • Its contiguous service area covers approximately 220 square miles and 100,000 residents, ranging from El Dorado Hills in the west to Strawberry in the east, and from the South Fork American River in the north to the Cosumnes River in the south.

  • Students are offered five components: Meat/Meat Alternative, Milk (Whole, 1% Low Fat Chocolate, 1% Low Fat White, 1% Low Fat Strawberry and Skim), at least three varieties of Vegetables/Fruit, and Bread/Grain.

  • Special Regulations for the Production of Non-Certified Strawberry Plants.

  • Caviar Gold Cavi Cone Strawberry 60 mg (tested positive for Carbaryl, which was added to the list of chemicals known by the state to cause cancer on February 5, 2010 and to the list of chemicals known by the state to cause reproductive toxicity on August 7, 2009; Malathion, which was added to the list of chemicals known by the state to cause cancer on May 20, 2016; and Myclobutanil, which was added to the list of chemicals known by the state to cause reproductive toxicity on April 16, 1999).

  • Strawberry River and tributaries, from confluence with Red Creek to headwaters.

  • Status of sub-recipient agreement/project.) Strawberry Valley Cultural Trail – City of Ligonier (RDA award amount $248,920.

  • Financial, or other loss, refers to financial loss due to the inability to market the animal at the Florida Strawberry Festival and to loss of premiums and awards due to the inability to exhibit the animal.

  • Examples include Bike Week, Spring Break, Strawberry Festival, and Jazz Festival.

  • Abel PENNSYLVANIA OFFICE OF ATTORNEY GENERALBureau of Consumer Protection Strawberry Square15th Floor Harrisburg, PA 17120(717) 783-1439jabel@attorneygeneral.govAssigned: 12/26/2013 representing COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA(Plaintiff) Gillian Lorraine Andrews DELAWARE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE820 N.

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