Definition of SPP Rules

SPP Rules means Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010.

Examples of SPP Rules in a sentence

Eligible Bidders 2.1 This Invitation for Bids is open to all suppliers from eligible source as defined in the SPP Rules, 2010 and its Bidding Documents except as provided hereinafter.
To give Consultants reasonable time in which to take an amendment into account in their Proposals the Procuring Agency may, if the amendment is substantial, extend the deadline for the submission of Proposals in accordance with SPP Rules 2010 and regulations issued by SPPRA in this regard.
At the outset, the Procuring Agency shall select the Private Partner following the Two Stage Bidding Process as set out in the Sindh Public Procurement Rules 2010 (as amended from time to time) ("SPP Rules") and the selection process shall be in accordance with the SPP Rules and the mechanism set out herein in this RFP.
Law The Contract shall be interpreted in accordance with the SPP Rules 2010 (amended 2017).