Spent antifreeze definition

Spent antifreeze means used antifreeze from a vehicle owned by an individual and not utilized for any commercial purpose.

Examples of Spent antifreeze in a sentence

  • Spent antifreeze that is recycled on-site or sent to be recycled off-site (see WAC 173-303-522).

  • Spent Antifreeze: Spent antifreeze is regulated by the State of Washington's Dangerous Waste Regulations.

  • Spent antifreeze means ethylene/petroleum glycol based coolant used as a heat exchange medium in motor vehicle radiators, motorized equipment, or in other industrial processes that has become contaminated with metal or other materials and can no longer serve the purpose for which it was produced without processing.

  • Spent antifreeze that is recycled on-site or sent to be recycled off-site (see WAC 173-303-522).(4) Those recycling processes not specifically discussed in subsections (2) and (3) of this section are generally subject to regulation only up to and including storage prior to recy- cling.

  • Spent antifreeze that is to be reclaimed can be accumulated on-site for any length of time, and in any amount.

  • RECYCLE:• Spent antifreeze, used oil, fluorescent light tubes, and batteries should be managed as universal waste and transported to a recycling facility (see Section: 6).DISPOSAL:• Follow recommended disposal methods for potential hazardous waste streams (see Appendix C).• Spent solvents, paints, and sandblast residues may be hazardous waste and face additional requirements for proper disposal.

  • Spent antifreeze that is recycled on-site or sent to be recy- cled off-site (see WAC 173-303-522).

  • It is essential to study the related regulatory requirements for data archiving and retrieving in order to adopt the best solution.

  • Spent antifreeze should not be dumped on land or discharge it into a sanitary sewer, storm drain, ditch, dry well, or septic system.

  • Nevertheless, our danger, our risk, is that we ought to take notice of the mode in which there arises, elsewhere than in the written articulation, this negation.

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