Social services/counseling services definition

Social services/counseling services means those counseling and spiritual care services that assist the patient and his or her family to minimize stresses and problems that arise from social, economic, psychological, or spiritual needs by utilizing appropriate community resources, and maximize positive aspects and opportunities for growth.

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Social services/counseling services with medical social services provided by a quali- fied social worker.

Social services/counseling services with medical social services provided by a qualified social worker.

Members do not have to be enrolled in the hospice program to receive this benefit.2. Interdisciplinary Team care with development and maintenance of an appropriate plan of care and management of terminal illness and related conditions.3. Skilled nursing services, certified health aide services and homemaker services underthe supervision of a qualified registered nurse.4. Bereavement services.5. Social services/counseling services with medical social services provided by a qualified social worker.

Structural models were also fit to REI total rational and REI total experiential scales (in place of the ability and engagement subscales), with similar results.

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Counseling services means services provided by qualified social workers, psychologists, guidance counselors, or other qualified personnel.
Social services means foster care, adoption, adoption assistance, child-protective services, domestic violence services, or any other services program implemented in accordance with regulations adopted by the Board. Social services also includes adult services pursuant to Article 4 (§ 51.5-144 et seq.) of Chapter 14 of Title 51.5 and adult protective services pursuant to Article 5 (§ 51.5-148) of Chapter 14 of Title 51.5 provided by local departments of social services in accordance with regulations and under the supervision of the Commissioner for Aging and Rehabilitative Services.
Home health aide services means those tasks that are provided to a patient by a home health aide under the direction of a registered nurse or therapist.
Training Services means Liferay’s training courses as defined in the applicable Appendix and specified in an Order Form.
Legal Services means services of a legal or financial nature and includes any part of such services, and for the avoidance of doubt, includes (without limitation):-
Rehabilitation counseling services means services provided by qualified personnel in individual or group sessions that focus specifically on career development, employment preparation, achieving independence, and integration in the workplace and community of a student with a disability. The term also includes vocational rehabilitation services provided to a student with disabilities by vocational rehabilitation programs funded under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.
Hospice services means symptom and pain management to a terminally ill individual, and emotional, spiritual and bereavement services for the individual and their family in a place of temporary or permanent residence, and may include the provision of home health and home care services for the terminally ill individual.
Education Services means any training or education services performed by Qlik under the terms of this Agreement and any applicable Order Form.
Educational Services means educational training provided to Entitled Students at a School;
Hosting Services means: (i) Rackspace’s provision for your use of the Hosted System described in the Services Description, and (ii) Support.
Cloud Services means SAP’s then-current cloud services offered under and described in detail in the applicable SAP PartnerEdge Model.
Consultancy Services means the Consultancy Services described in Schedule A;
advocacy services means any services which it would be reasonable to expect a person who is exercising, or contemplating exercising, a right of audience in relation to any proceedings, or contemplated proceedings, to provide;
Customer Services means the call centre for dealing with queries about your Card. You can contact Customer Services by calling 01 693 3333, or contacting us directly.
Nursing services means the provision of individual-specific advice, plans, or interventions by a nurse, at a home, based on the nursing process as outlined by the Oregon State Board of Nursing. Nursing services differ from administrative nursing services.
Processing Services means those services, which are necessary to issue a Card and process a transaction in accordance with Government Requirements and the Rules of any System and Regulatory Authority. Such services shall include but not be limited to: set-up and maintenance of the Card and Cardholder Funds, transaction authorization, processing, clearing and Settlement, System access, Cardholder dispute resolution, System compliance, regulatory compliance, security and fraud control, and activity reporting.
Homemaker services means the professionally directed or supervised simple household maintenance or management services provided by trained homemakers or individuals to families in their own homes.
Assisted living services means services provided by a boarding home that has a contract with the department under RCW 74.39A.010 to provide personal care services, intermittent nursing services, and medication administration services, and the resident is housed in a private apartment-like unit.
Online Services means Microsoft-hosted services to which Customer subscribes under this Agreement. It does not include software and services provided under separate license terms.
Program services means services that include all of the following provided they are pursuant to a program agreement: program needs assessment and development, job task analysis, curriculum development and revision, instruction, instructional materials and supplies, computer software and upgrades, instructional support, administrative and student services, related school to career training programs, skill or career interest assessment services and testing and contracted services.
Counseling means one or more consultations as necessary between a state licensed psychiatrist or psychologist and a patient for the purpose of determining that the patient is capable and not suffering from a psychiatric or psychological disorder or depression causing impaired judgment.
Consulting Services means the services to be financed out of the proceeds of the Loan as described in paragraph 3 of Schedule 1 to this Loan Agreement;
Community support services means services authorized, planned, and coordinated through resource management services including, at a minimum, assessment, diagnosis, emergency crisis intervention available twenty-four hours, seven days a week, prescreening determinations for persons who are mentally ill being considered for placement in nursing homes as required by federal law, screening for patients being considered for admission to residential services, diagnosis and treatment for children who are acutely mentally ill or severely emotionally disturbed discovered under screening through the federal Title XIX early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment program, investigation, legal, and other nonresidential services under chapter 71.05 RCW, case management services, psychiatric treatment including medication supervision, counseling, psychotherapy, assuring transfer of relevant patient information between service providers, recovery services, and other services determined by regional support networks.
Special Services means services which the state deems necessary or desirable to purchase provided by individuals or firms possessing special knowledge or skills for which formal licensing or certification is not necessarily required. Examples of special services include:
Professional Services means those services within the scope of the practice of architecture, professional engineering, landscape architecture, or registered surveying and mapping, as defined by the laws of Florida, or those services performed by any architect, professional engineer, landscape architect, or registered surveyor and mapper, in connection with the firm's or individual's professional employment or practice.
Urgent Care Services means those health care services needed to prevent the serious deterioration of one’s health from an unforeseen medical condition or injury.