Definition of SKM Lenders

SKM Lenders means, collectively, the SKM Equity Fund II, L.P. and the SKM Investment Fund II, L.P.
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Examples of SKM Lenders in a sentence

World Bazaars is also optimistic that it will shortly settle all claims against the SKM Lenders and the SKM Funds, and it has nearly completed its efforts to employ counsel to pursue claims against the Abulafias.
In addition, the SKM Funds and SKM Lenders have reserved all of their rights regarding the following discussion, as well as any and all factual or legal discussion in this Disclosure Statement, inasmuch as the discussion concerns the SKM Funds, the SKM Lenders, or any other entity.) On or about October 31, 1998, World Bazaars declared roughly $23.6 million in dividends in favor of the Abulafia Trust.
Karp, Fletcher, and Oddi are principals of Saunders, Karp & Megrue, which manages the SKM Funds and the SKM Lenders.