Sigma Rewards Points Account definition

Sigma Rewards Points Account means the account maintained by Sigma or a third party engaged by Sigma for a Member which records the number of Sigma Reward Points available to the Member for redemption in accordance with the Sigma Rewards Rules of Membership;

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The Member may, with the consent of Sigma redeem some or all of the Sigma Reward Points, standing to their credit in their Sigma Rewards Points Account, for products listed in the Sigma Rewards Catalogue.

Members will be able to access, via the Sigma Rewards Service Centre, information relating to the number of Sigma Rewards Points credited to their Sigma Rewards Points Account.

Where a person applies for membership of the Sigma Rewards Program, the person does not become a Member, and the Sigma Rewards Rules of Membership shall have no binding effect on Sigma in relation to that person until Sigma has approved the prospective person as a Member and caused a Sigma Rewards Points Account to be opened.

Sigma Rewards Points will only be credited to the Sigma Rewards Points Account once payment of the Sigma Account has been made in accordance with the payment terms governing the Sigma Account.

Upon termination of the Member’s membership of the Sigma Rewards Program for any reason, the Member’s Sigma Rewards Points Account will be cancelled.

Sigma Rewards Points are only transferable from one Sigma Rewards Points Account to another Sigma Rewards Points Account with written consent of all partners to the Sigma Rewards Points Account from which points are being transferred.

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Cash Account has the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a)(ii).
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