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Short-term rental. (STR) means a rental of any dwelling, in whole or in part, within the City of Trinidad, to any person(s) for transient use, other than (1) a permitted bed and breakfast, (2) ongoing month-to-month tenancy granted to the same renter for the same dwelling, (3) one less-than-30-day rental per year, or (4) a house exchange for which there is no payment.
Short-term rental means a lodging use, that is not a hotel or motel or bed and breakfast, in which a dwelling unit, or portion thereof, that is offered or provided to a guest by a short-term rental operator for a fee for fewer than thirty consecutive nights.
Short-term rental means a dwelling unit, or portion thereof, that is offered or provided to a guest by a short-term rental owner or operator for a fee for fewer than thirty consecutive nights. They are commonly referred to as vacation rentals. They are a form of tourist or transient accommodations. Short-term rental units may be whole house rentals, apartments, condominiums, or individual rooms in homes. For the purpose of administration and enforcement of this title, the termsovernight rental,” “nightly rental,” and “vacation rental” are interchangeable with short-term rentals. Subleasing or subletting of units for short- term rental is prohibited if the underlying zone prohibits such use.

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  • In 2022 Town Council adopted amendments to the Town of Truckee Short-term Rental Ordinance including a cap of 1,255 Transient Occupancy Registration Certificates, which has resulted in a waitlist for new Certificates.

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Short-term rental means the provision of a room or space that is suitable or intended for occupancy for dwelling, sleeping, or lodging purposes, for a period of fewer than 30 consecutive days, in exchange for a charge for the occupancy.
Short-term rental means a house, duplex, multi-plex, apartment, condominium, houseboat, trailer or other residential dwelling unit where a person rents a guest bedroom or the entire residential dwelling unit for transient lodging occupancy. Generally, a short-term rental is zoned residential or has a building occupancy that only allows for residential use.
Short-term rental means any dwelling or portion thereof that is available for use or is used for accommodations or lodging of guests, paying a fee or other compensation for a period of less than thirty consecutive days.
Short-term rental or "STR" means the use of any Dwelling Unit, authorized Accessory Dwelling Unit or Accessory Building, or portions thereof for dwelling, sleeping or lodging purposes by Short-Term Rental Transients. Short-Term Rental shall be an accessory use to a residential use and be considered neither a Tourist Hotel nor a Residential Hotel for purposes of this Title.
Short-term rental of property means the renting, or offer to make available, (by way of a rental agreement, lease, license or any other means, whether oral or written) for compensation or consideration, of residential property, a dwelling unit, or a portion thereof, for a period of 30 consecutive days or less to a transient.
Short-term rental means any habitable structure constructed for residential occupancy under the California Building Code for which a rental contract for occupancy has been made for a term of 30 days or less and which the Short-Term Rental use is permitted to operate, pursuant to a current and valid Permit on file with the city.
Short-term rental means a residential dwelling that is offered for rent for a fee and for fewer than 29 consecutive days.