Share Lock-up Period definition

Share Lock-up Period means the period ending 180 days following the date hereof.

Examples of Share Lock-up Period in a sentence

The undersigned shall retain all of its rights as a shareholder during the Share Lockup Period including, without limitation, the right to vote such shares.

The Share Lockup Period shall terminate immediately following the liquidation of the Trust Account following a Termination Event and the distribution of funds to the holders of the IPO Shares.

Further, the undersigned agrees that after the Share Lockup Period or the Warrant Lockup Period, as applicable, has elapsed, the Insider Shares and the Insider Warrants and the Ordinary Shares underlying such Insider Warrants, shall only be transferable or saleable pursuant to a sale registered under the Securities Act or pursuant to an available exemption from registration under the Securities Act.

During the Share Lockup Period and Warrant Lockup Period, all dividends payable in cash with respect to such securities shall be paid to the undersigned, but all dividends payable in Ordinary Shares or other non-cash property shall become subject to the applicable lockup period as described herein and shall be released from such lockup, pro rata (e.g. 50%, 25%, 25% in the case of the Share Lockup Period), in accordance with the provisions of Paragraphs 5(a) and 5(b), as applicable.

The parties hereto agree that (i) no Warrant Share Lockup Period shall commence prior to the expiration of a period of 90 days after the last day of any prior Warrant Share Lockup Period (ii) there shall be no more than one Warrant Share Lockup Period during any period of twelve consecutive calendar months and (iii) there shall be no more than two Warrant Share Lockup Periods.