Settlement of Transactions definition

Settlement of Transactions means the operation undertaken by Melco Crown Gaming by means of which the Gross Revenue of Melco Crown Gaming and/or the Commission are calculated;

Examples of Settlement of Transactions in a sentence

  • The RBA code for Settlement of Transactions will be as specified by the RBA from time to time.

  • Settlement of Transactions will occur via electronic funds transfer over the ACH Network.

  • Settlement of Transactions shall be made in the currency of the Transaction.

  • The procedure of Clearing and Settlement of Transactions in Admitted Products in the Depository System ensures a final and irrevocable exchange of Securities for money in accordance with the conditions under which the transaction was executed and with these Rules.

  • Rules for Settlement of Transactions through the Clearing House in Hong Kong 2.1 These Procedures have been drawn up to give guidance to Members as to the procedures to be adopted in the event that the Clearing House is closed as a result of the hoisting of Typhoon signal no.

  • Processor has the right to terminate the Merchant Agreement and/or stop processing or Settlement of Transactions for Merchant immediately in part or in whole if: - The provision of Merchant's Services/Products for which Processor provides the Service is reasonable suspected by Processor to be in breach with legislation in the country where the Merchant Services/Products are offered from or to.

  • Three hospitals we visited contracted with this third-party provider for sterilizing medical equip- ment.

  • A detailed order of settlement is provided in the Rules on Settlement of Transactions Concluded on the NASDAQ OMX Vilnius.

  • Processing and Settlement of Transactions 6.4 Settlement of S$ will be through the eligible counterparty's RTGS account with the Authority.

  • Marketplace is under no circumstances entitled to make any individual instructions towards Processor regarding the settlement of the funds.Processor is only obliged to provide Settlement of Transactions for which it has received settlement(s) by the Acquirer or the Scheme Owner.

Related to Settlement of Transactions

  • As Of Transaction means any single or “related transaction” (as defined below) involving the purchase or redemption of Shares (including exchanges) that is processed at a time other than the time of the computation of the Fund’s net asset value per share next computed after receipt of any such transaction order by Price Services due to an act or omission of Price Services. “As Of Processing” refers to the processing of these As Of Transactions. All As Of Processing may only be performed in accordance with the requirements of Rule 22c-1 of the ’40 Act. Price Services is responsible for monitoring As Of Transactions procedures that set forth the circumstances under which As Of Transactions are permitted. If more than one As Of Transaction (“Related Transaction”) in the Fund is caused by or occurs as a result of the same act or omission, such transactions shall be aggregated with other transactions in the Fund and be considered as one As Of Transaction. · Reporting Price Services shall:

  • Spin-Off Transaction means a distribution by the Company to its shareholders of all or any portion of the securities of any Subsidiary of the Company.

  • Date of Transfer means the date of registration of transfer of the Property into the name of the Purchaser in the Deeds Registry in Pietermaritzburg;

  • ASX Settlement means ASX Settlement Pty Ltd (ABN 49 008 504 532);

  • Share Settlement means a number of shares of Class A Common Stock equal to the number of Redeemed Units.

  • securities settlement system means a securities settlement system (as defined in the CSD Regulation) operated by a central securities depository;

  • Card Transactions means any payment made for goods or services, cash withdrawals from a bank or financial institution (including ATM withdrawals) or transfer of funds made through the use of the Card or the Card number.

  • Deed of Transfer means the notarial instrument of transfer of the Shares (as relevant), substantially in the forms set forth in Schedule E.

  • Notice of Transfer With regard to Distressed Mortgage Loans that will become Transferred Mortgage Loans, the notice given by the related Prior Servicer (if such Prior Servicer is Aurora) to the Master Servicer, the applicable Custodian, the Trustee and the Special Servicer or by the Master Servicer (if the related Prior Servicer(s) are not Aurora) to the Prior Servicer(s), the applicable Custodian, the Trustee and the Special Servicer, in each case substantially in the form of Exhibit A hereto.

  • Transaction Consideration has the meaning set forth in Section 11.7 hereof.

  • Net Share Settlement means the settlement method pursuant to which an exercising Warrantholder shall be entitled to receive from the Company, for each Warrant exercised, a number of shares of Common Stock equal to the Net Share Amount without any payment therefor.

  • Master Settlement Agreement means the settlement agreement and related documents entered into on November 23, 1998 by the state and leading United States tobacco product manufacturers;

  • Exchange Transaction means an exchange of Units for Common Units pursuant to, and in accordance with, the Exchange Agreement or, if the Issuer and the exchanging Limited Partner shall mutually agree, a Transfer of Units to the Issuer, the Partnership or any of their subsidiaries for other consideration.

  • Letter of Transmittal means the letter of transmittal to be prepared by the Company and sent to all Holders of the Notes for use by such Holders in connection with the Exchange Offer.

  • Final Settlement means permanent settlement of the Contractor’s actual allowable costs or expenditures as determined at the time of audit, which shall be completed within three years of the date the year-end cost settlement report was accepted for interim settlement by the State. If the audit is not completed within three years, the interim settlement shall be considered as the final settlement.

  • Settlement Procedures Timetable For offers to purchase Certificated Notes accepted by the Company, Settlement Procedures A through F set forth above shall be completed as soon as possible following the trade but not later than the respective times (New York City time) set forth below: Settlement Procedure Time ---------- ----

  • ASTC Settlement Rules means the operating rules of ASTC and, to the extent that they are applicable, the operating rules of ASX and the operating rules of the Australian Clearing House Pty Limited;

  • Card Transaction means any purchase of goods and/or services or any transfer or cash advances effected by the use of a Card;