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Seric means silken.

Examples of Seric in a sentence

May not that broken Pile’s disorder’d state (Columns expressive of the stroke of Fate) Hap’ly recall to thy attentive eyeSome lov’d Remain of fair Antiquity?Here may’st Thou oft regale in Seric Bow’r,7 Secure of Mandarin’s despotic Pow’r, Behold thy Eastern structures rise, nor fear The Sultan’s frown, or Turban’d Officer.Safe from their servile yoke, their arts command,And Grecian Domes erect in Freedom’s land.

Kes VB, Zavoreo I, Seric V, Solter VV, Cesarik M, Hajnsek S, et al.

In a large-scale study of firms in 19 African countries, Görg and Seric (2013) find that the upgrading of domestic firms supplying to global firms is contingent upon assistance from the government or the global firms, which calls for policy action.

Seric concentrations of copper, chromium, manganesum, nickel and selenium in aerobic, anaerobic and mixed professional sportsmen.

Table 2: Main findings for some of the determinants of FDI, suggested by empirical literature AuthorMiroslav Mateev (2008)Adan Seric (2011)Gorbunova et al.

For example, Blanas and Seric (2014) show in a study with 19 sub-Saharan- African countries that intra-firm trade is positively related to concerns over knowledge appropria- tion.

It controls calcium utilization in your body, promoting healthy blood flow.Tiff Seeds control and balance cholesterol.Moringa Tincture (Moringa Oilifera) controls levels of Seric cholesterol and works as an antioxidant leading to a healthy circulatory system.

Rajadurai S, TomyP, ShekharMA (2010) Seasonal rearing performance of eri silkworm (Philosamia ricini Boisduval) on castor and tapioca under SouthKarnataka conditions I J Seric 49: 134-137.

As capital is replacing labour in the implementation of the more automated, repetitive jobs (ILO and Asia Development Bank 2014), this need becomes ever more urgent.Participation in global supply chains has been recognized as a promising venue for learning and upgrading, as firms are being drawn into global networks of interactions and relationships, including with more technologically advanced firms, and can benefit from the transfer of technological knowledge (Gereffi 1999, 2005; Görg and Seric 2013).

The field of gender education studies contains a plethora of studies that examine the gender of the teacher and its impact on educational outcomes (Antecol, Ozkan, & Ozbeklik, 2012; Burusic, Babarovic, & Seric, 2012; Dee, 2005, 2007).

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Manufacturer means the person or body who is responsible to the approval authority for all aspects of the type approval process and for ensuring conformity of production. It is not essential that the person or body is directly involved in all stage of the construction of the vehicle, system, component or separate technical unit which is the subject of the approval process.
Licensee means a person licensed under this chapter.
Site means any location, facility, or property as defined under any Environmental Law, whether or not presently or formerly owned or operated by the debtor, including, but not limited to, disposal sites.
Consumer means a person who is a member of the public, takes possession of food, is not functioning in the capacity of an operator of a food establishment or food processing plant, and does not offer the food for resale.
Project means specific activities of the Grantee that are supported by funds provided under this Contract.
Client means the Project lead of technical wing of the Purchaser for whose’ particular project the Goods / Services have been procured or any other person, duly appointed in writing, by the Client, for the time being or from time to time, to act as Client for the purposes of the Contract.
Facility means the entire operation located on the property where the Equipment is located;
Subcontractor means any supplier, distributor, vendor, or firm that furnishes supplies or services to or for a prime contractor or another subcontractor.
Physician means an individual authorized to practice medicine or osteopathy under the law of any state.
Goods means all of the equipment, machinery, and/or other materials that the supplier is required to supply to the purchaser under the contract.
Contractor means the individual or entity, that has entered into this contract with the Commonwealth.
corrupt practice means the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of anything of value to influence the action of a public official in the procurement process or in contract execution.
Department means the department of natural resources.
Customer means and include the account debtor with respect to any Receivable and/or the prospective purchaser of goods, services or both with respect to any contract or contract right, and/or any party who enters into or proposes to enter into any contract or other arrangement with any Borrower, pursuant to which such Borrower is to deliver any personal property or perform any services.
Program means the Contributions distributed in accordance with this Agreement.
Student means a person, other than a person in receipt of a training allowance, who is attending or undertaking—
The Contract means the agreement entered into between the Procuring Entity and the Supplier, as recorded in the Contract Form signed by the parties, including all attachments and appendices thereto and all documents incorporated by reference therein.
Child means any person under eighteen years of age.
License means the terms and conditions for use, reproduction, and distribution as defined by Sections 1 through 9 of this document.
fraudulent practice means a misrepresentation of facts in order to influence a procurement process or the execution of a contract to the detriment of the Procuring Entity, and includes collusive practices among Bidders (prior to or after bid submission) designed to establish bid prices at artificial, non-competitive levels and to deprive the Procuring Entity of the benefits of free and open competition.
Operator means the operator of an electronic communications code network.
Municipality means a city, village, or township.
United States means the United States of America.
Council means the Council of the Municipality;
Code means the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.
District means the district of the local government;