Definition of SEPA Rules

SEPA Rules means Chapter 197-11 WAC adopted by the Department of Ecology.

Examples of SEPA Rules in a sentence

Sections: 17.14.010 Introduction; 17.14.020 Substantive Authority; 17.14.030 Adoption of SEPA Rules; 17.14.040 Designation of SEPA Responsible Official; 17.14.050 Categorical Exemptions; 17.14.060 SEPA Checklist; 17.14.070 Threshold Determination; and 17.14.080 Preparation of EIS.
The State will make SEPA determinations through analysis of the Final TC&WM EIS and will adopt the EIS if it meets the requirements of WAC 197-11 SEPA Rules.
Roposed measures to ensure the proposal is compatible with existing and projected land uses and plans, if any: (1983 Lam) SEPA Rules TO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANT Part Eleven-197-1 1-960 EVALUATION FOR AGENCY USE ONLY 9.
EVALUATION FOR AGENCY USE ONLY TO BE COMPLETED BY APPLICANT SEPA Rules EVALUATION FOR AGENCY USE ONLY Proposed measures to avoid or reduce shoreline and land use impacts are: N O N E 6.
N / A (1983 Laws) Part Eleven-197-1 1-960 SEPA Rules TO BE COMPLFTED BY APPLICANT c.