Definition of Selected Retirement Date

Selected Retirement Date means any date between the date on which a Member attains his 60th birthday and the date on which he attains his 75th birthday (both dates inclusive) (unless otherwise specifically approved by the Board of Inland Revenue), as notified to the Member and specified in the Policy.

Examples of Selected Retirement Date in a sentence

If a Class A Member leaves the employment of the Employer before his Selected Retirement Date payment of his personal pension may, at his request, be deferred but not beyond the 75th birthday.
If payment of a Member's personal pension has been deferred, further Contributions may be paid after his Selected Retirement Date at the discretion of the Employer in order to increase the amount of benefit ultimately payable, subject to the provisions of Rule 12.
Where the Member makes written application to the Trustee, the Trustee shall be required to deal with such application within 12 months of receipt of the application or, if earlier, the later of the Member's Selected Retirement Date and the attainment of age 60.
The personal pension payable shall, to the reasonable satisfaction of the Trustee have a value which equals or exceeds the value of the pension that would have been payable from the Member's Selected Retirement Date.
Such adjustments shall be apportioned between the Member (if he contributes) and the Employer in such manner as is considered appropriate provided that the Employer continues to contribute and that so far as possible the adjustments of Contributions shall be made evenly over the remainder of the period to the Selected Retirement Date.