Second Tier Subsidiaries definition

Second Tier Subsidiaries has the meaning set forth in the second recital to this Agreement.
Second Tier Subsidiaries means each of the Subsidiaries of the First-Tier Holding Companies listed on Item B of Schedule III hereto and any other direct Subsidiary of any First-Tier Holding Company from time to time acquired or created in accordance with clause (c) of Section 7.1.7.
Second Tier Subsidiaries means Fairview Homes, Inc., Fairfield Residential L.P., Fairview Residential WA LLC, and Fairview Residential CA L.P.

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The First Tier Subsidiary and the Second Tier Subsidiaries are referred to hereinafter collectively as the "Subsidiaries" and individually as a "Subsidiary".

The sole subsidiary corporations of the First Tier Subsidiary are as set forth on Schedule 3.14 (collectively, the "Second Tier Subsidiaries").

The estates of the First Tier Subsidiaries and the estate of Fairfield shall be substantively consolidated, but the estates of the Second Tier Subsidiaries shall not be substantively consolidated.

Notwithstanding any contrary provision contained herein, the Liquidating Trustee shall not be obligated to physically segregate and maintain separate accounts for reserves or for the Distribution Fund except as it relates to the Second Tier Subsidiaries.

The Borrowers may after the Closing Date convert one or more of the Second Tier Subsidiaries from corporations to limited liability companies, provided that the members of each such limited liability company and their respective ownership interests remain substantially unchanged and at the time of such conversion, no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing under any of the Financing Documents.

The perfection and effect of the transfer of the Shares, and all matters relating to the internal governance of the Company and the Second Tier Subsidiaries and the fulfillment of the prerequisites to the effective transfer of the Shares under French law, including the validity and adequacy of the measures taken by Seller to effect compliance with the requirements of Section 10.02(e) of the Master Agreement and Sections 8D.02(a) and (b) and 9D.03 of the Master Agreement, shall be governed by French law.

First Tier Subsidiaries: CCA of Tennessee, Inc., a Tennessee corporation JJFMSI Acquisition Sub, Inc., a Tennessee corporation PMSI Acquisition Sub, Inc., a Tennessee corporation Prison Realty Management, Inc., a Tennessee corporation Second Tier Subsidiaries: Correctional Service Acquisition Sub, Inc., a Tennessee corporation CCA (UK) Ltd., a United Kingdom corporation Corrections Corporation of Canada, Inc., a Canadian corporation CCA International, Inc., a Delaware corporation Viccor Investments PTY.

Inc., a Missouri corporation Second Tier Subsidiaries ------------------------ 1.

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Second Tier Subsidiaries shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in ------------------------ the recitals to this Agreement.
Second Tier Subsidiaries means the subsidiaries of the Subsidiaries listed on EXHIBIT C attached hereto.

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