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Saved e-file application has been initiated and saved
Saved appears and the information is stored to “Your Music” or “Your Library” on your Spotify account.
Saved paid holidays must be used prior to December 20th of the current year. The exception shall be Christmas and Boxing Day which can be held over until the following February 28th providing it does not conflict with the scheduling of the home.

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Although the Revised Guidance does not form part of the LDF or Local Plan, it is capable of constituting a material consideration although would not carry as much weight as the Saved Adopted Torbay Local Plan.

Reason: To safeguard the character and appearance of the building and this rural locality in accordance with Saved East Staffordshire Local Plan Policies BE1 and BE15 and the Supplementary Planning Document 'Re-use of Redundant Rural Buildings'.

Conclusions When this proposal is tested against the relevant policies of the Saved Adopted Local Plan it fails.

Key Issues/Material ConsiderationsThe property is a medium sized block of holiday flats situated within a Principle Holiday Accommodation Area, as defined by policy TU6.12 of the Saved Adopted Torbay Local Plan.

REASON: To protect the amenities of the occupiers of nearby properties during the construction period and in accordance Saved Policy E1 of the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Local Plan 1996-2011.

Saved as disclosed herein, there are no other matters that need to be brought to the attention of the Shareholders and the Stock Exchange.

Kahane, Lives Saved by Vehicle Safety Technologies and Associated Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, 1960 to 2012, NHTSA, DOT HS 812 069, January 2015.

The proposal to remove condition 4 of planning application P/2000/1231 and allow residential use of the property, is contrary to policy TU25 of the Saved Adopted Torbay Local Plan which clearly stipulates that residential flats should have 1 off street parking space per unit plus 1 space per 2 units for visitors (1.5 spaces per flat).

Reason: To safeguard any important archaeological remains potentially present in accordance with Saved Polices BE14 and BE16 of the Hinckley and Bosworth Local Plan and emerging Policy DM13 of the Hinckley and Bosworth Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Development Plan Document 2014.

So, was Judas Iscariot ever saved?Judas Iscariot was NEVER Saved.

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Saved means in respect of Petroleum, Petroleum which has been produced and has not been lost in the course of Petroleum Operations, reinjected into a producing field or flared or otherwise used in accordance with the Development Plan..
Saved. "Mon Aug 3 18:04:19 2015", "saved_from": "meds.plugins.write",
Saved means both physical and spiritual healing.
Saved appears and the information is stored to “Your Music” or “Your Library” on your Spotify account. To unsave, repeat the same procedure. Search for a song or stationREMOVED” appears and the information is removed from “Your Music” or “Your Library” on your Spotify account. Thumbs up or thumbs down*2
Saved apparaît et les informations sont stockées dans “Your Music (votre musique)” ou “Your Library (votre bibliothèque)” sur votre compte Spotify.

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Gasoline means gasoline, casing head or natural gasoline, benzole, benzine, and naphtha. Gasoline also means any liquid prepared, advertised, offered for sale, sold for use as, or used for, the generation of power for the propulsion of motor vehicles or watercraft, including any product obtained by blending together any 1 or more products of petroleum, regardless of their original names or characteristics, with or without other products, unless the resultant product obtained is entirely incapable of use for the generation of power for the propulsion of motor vehicles or watercraft. Gasoline does not include diesel fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, or commercial or industrial naphthas or solvents manufactured, imported, received, stored, distributed, sold, or used exclusively for purposes other than as a fuel for motor vehicles or watercraft.
CO2 means carbon dioxide.
Condensate means hydrocarbon liquid separated from natural gas which condenses due to changes in the temperature or pressure and remains liquid at standard conditions.
Petroleum liquids means crude oil, condensate, and any finished or intermediate products manufactured or extracted in a petroleum refinery.
Ozone-depleting substance means any substance the Environmental Protection Agency designates in 40 CFR part 82 as: (1) Class I, including, but not limited to, chlorofluorocarbons, halons, carbon tetrachloride, and methyl chloroform; or (2) Class II, including, but not limited to, hydrochlorofluorocarbons.
Petroleum means the crude oil removed from the earth and the oils derived from tar sands, shale, and coal.