Saved definition

Saved paid holidays must be used prior to December 20th of the current year. The exception shall be Christmas and Boxing Day which can be held over until the following February 28th providing it does not conflict with the scheduling of the home.
Saved means in respect of Petroleum, Petroleum which has been produced and has not been lost in the course of Petroleum Operations, reinjected into a producing field or flared or otherwise used in accordance with the Development Plan..
Saved means a form was created and saved, but has not been published.

Examples of Saved in a sentence

  • This condition is imposed in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (March 2012), Policy CS13 of the West Berkshire Core Strategy (2006-2026) and Policy TRANS1 of the West Berkshire District Local Plan 1991-2006 (Saved Policies 2007).

  • Saved Information may not always be available to Firm Participant and may become available to unauthorized persons.

  • Firm Participant is responsible for retention of any information that may be necessary to reconstruct Saved Information if it is lost or destroyed.

  • In accordance with policy GD1 of the Wear Valley District Local Plan as amended by Saved and Expired Policies September 2007.

  • Dispatch money, if any, calculated on the basis of "Working time Saved" shall be arranged to be remitted by the BUYER to the SELLER within sixty days from the date of receipt of the claim of the SELLER with lay time statements.

  • Saved Information may not always be available to Subscriber and may become available to unauthorized persons.

  • Supplementary Planning Guidance Supplementary Planning Guidance (Saved SPG’s & SPD’s) does not form part of the Statutory Development Plan; nevertheless it does provide non-statutory Council approved guidance that is a material consideration when determining planning applications.

  • The Council's adopted Development Plan consists of the Consolidated London Plan 2015, the Croydon Local Plan: Strategic Policies 2013 (CLP1), the Croydon Replacement Unitary Development Plan 2006 Saved Policies 2013 (UDP) and the South London Waste Plan 2012.

  • In this instance the development plan comprises the London Plan 2016, the Core Strategy 2011, and the Saved Southwark Plan 2007.

  • REASON: In the interests of highway safety and in accordance with Saved Policy E1 of the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Local Plan 1996-2011.

Related to Saved

  • Other Minerals means clay, stone, sand, gravel, metalliferous and nonmetalliferous ores, oil shale and oil extracted from shale by an in situ process, and any other solid material or substances of commercial value excavated in solid form from natural deposits on or in the earth, exclusive of coal and those minerals which occur naturally in liquid or gaseous form.

  • Produced means produced, manufactured, mined, handled, or in any other manner worked on in any State; and for the purposes of this chapter an employee shall be deemed to have been engaged in the production of goods if such employee was employed in producing, manufacturing, mining, handling, transporting, or in any other manner working on such goods, or in any closely related process or occupation directly essential to the production thereof, in any State.

  • Produced water means water extracted from the earth from an oil or natural gas production well, or that is separated from oil or natural gas after extraction.

  • Derived means obtained, developed, created, synthesized, designed, derived or resulting from, based upon or otherwise generated (whether directly or indirectly, or in whole or in part).

  • Total hydrocarbons (THC) means the sum of all volatile compounds measurable by a flame ionization detector (FID).

  • Gasoline means gasoline, alcohol, gasohol, casing head or natural gasoline, benzol, benzine, naphtha, and any blendstock additive, or other product including methanol that is sold for blending with gasoline or for use on the road other than products typically sold in containers of less than 5 gallons. Gasoline also includes a liquid prepared, advertised, offered for sale, sold for use as, or used in the generation of power for the propulsion of a motor vehicle, airplane, or marine vessel, including a product obtained by blending together any 1 or more products of petroleum, with or without another product, and regardless of the original character of the petroleum products blended, if the product obtained by the blending is capable of use in the generation

  • concentrates means flavoring ingredients and, depending on the product, sweeteners used to prepare syrups or finished beverages;

  • Postproduction means an activity related to the finishing or duplication of a medium described in Subsection 59-12-104(54)(a).

  • Millage levied means the millage levied for special education pursuant to part 30 of the revised school code, MCL 380.1711 to 380.1743, including a levy for debt service obligations.

  • fine ore means iron ore which has an average pure iron content of not less than sixty per cent. (60%) which will pass through a one half (½) inch mesh screen and which is sold without concentration or other beneficiation other than crushing and screening;

  • Oil means natural crude oil or petroleum or other hydrocarbons, regardless of gravity, which are produced at the well in liquid form by ordinary production methods and which are not the result of condensation of gas after it leaves the underground reservoir.

  • Salvaging means the extracting or removing of materials from the solid waste stream at the working face of a solid waste disposal facility for the intended purpose of recycling or for removal to a salvage facility regulated by Chapter 4737. of the Revised Code and rules promulgated thereunder.

  • Production means a method of obtaining goods including manufacturing, assembling, processing, raising, growing, breeding, mining, extracting, harvesting, fishing, trapping, gathering, collecting, hunting and capturing.

  • smelter means an electrolytic reduction plant for the conversion of alumina to aluminium using alumina produced from bauxite;

  • CO2 means carbon dioxide.

  • Extraction means a process by which cannabinoids are separated from cannabis plant material through chemical or physical means.

  • ore means any rock soil or alluvium bearing diamonds mined from mining leases granted pursuant to this Agreement;

  • Processed shall be interpreted accordingly;

  • Condensate means hydrocarbon liquid separated from natural gas that condenses due to changes in the temperature or pressure, or both, and remains liquid at standard conditions.

  • Petroleum liquids means crude oil, condensate, and any finished or intermediate products manufactured or extracted in a petroleum refinery.

  • Hydrocarbons means oil, gas, casinghead gas, drip gasoline, natural gasoline, condensate, distillate, liquid hydrocarbons, gaseous hydrocarbons and all products refined or separated therefrom.

  • Minerals means Oil, Gas and Gas Liquids.

  • Ozone-depleting substance means any substance the Environmental Protection Agency designates in 40 CFR part 82 as: (1) Class I, including, but not limited to, chlorofluorocarbons, halons, carbon tetrachloride, and methyl chloroform; or (2) Class II, including, but not limited to, hydrochlorofluorocarbons.

  • Petroleum means the crude oil removed from the earth and the oils derived from tar sands, shale, and coal.

  • Petroleum Substances means any of crude oil, crude bitumen and products derived therefrom, synthetic crude oil, petroleum, natural gas, natural gas liquids, and any and all other substances related to any of the foregoing, whether liquid, solid or gaseous, and whether hydrocarbons or not, including without limitation sulphur;

  • Producing means producing, directing, manufacturing, issuing, publishing, or advertising;