Definition of SAR Expiration Date

SAR Expiration Date means January 1, 2014 [10 years after date of grant].

SAR Expiration Date means the date determined by the Committee and set forth in the Award Agreement relating to a Stock Appreciation Right as the latest date on which that Stock Appreciation Right may be exercised under any circumstance, which shall not be more than ten (10) years after the date of grant of the Stock Appreciation Right.

Examples of SAR Expiration Date in a sentence

If the Participant’s Service terminates for any reason, except Disability, death or Cause, the Option or SAR, to the extent unexercised and exercisable for vested shares on the date on which the Participant’s Service terminated, may be exercised by the Participant at any time prior to the expiration of three (3) months after the date on which the Participant’s Service terminated, but in any event no later than the Option or SAR Expiration Date.
On the SAR Expiration Date, the SAR shall terminate, the amount of additional compensation represented thereby shall become zero, and all rights relating to the SAR shall expire.
Except as otherwise provided in the case of SARs granted in connection with Options, the SAR Expiration Date shall be a date designated by the Committee which is not later than ten years after the date on which the SAR was awarded.
Expire on the earlier of 3 months from the date of Termination of Employment or the SAR Expiration Date.
Notwithstanding the Grant Notice or the provisions of Sections 3.1(a) herein, in the event of Participant’s involuntary Termination of Service by the Company without Cause or Participant’s Termination of Service due to Good Reason following stockholder approval of the Required Plan Amendments but prior to the SAR Expiration Date, this SAR shall become vested and exercisable in full and shall be deemed to be automatically exercised as of the Participant’s Termination of Service date.