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Rubicon means Rubicon, Inc., a joint venture between ICI Americas Inc. and Uniroyal Inc.
Rubicon means Rubicon Group plc. -------

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These include AdNxs, Click Fuse,, Google Double Click, and Rubicon Project.

Furthermore, the encouragement from Professors Rwigamba Balinda, Yolandi Le Roux and Jean Marie Kamatali, Drs Roelof Haveman, Nadia Bernaz, Vinodh Jaichand and Mr David Majanja has propelled the energy that enabled me to cross the Rubicon.

Based on its searches of nominee accounts for underlying beneficial shareholders of Rubicon Shares, the Filer has concluded that, to the best of its knowledge, immediately prior to the Closing, Canadian residents held less than 1% of the outstanding Rubicon Shares and represented less than 2% of the total number of owners of Rubicon Shares.

As the Filer is not a reporting issuer, or the equivalent in Canada, the Rubicon Shares issued under the Plan of Arrangement in exchange for Chango Common Shares or issuable from time to time on exercise of Replacement Options or Rubicon RSUs issued in connection with the Transaction could, in certain circumstances, be subject to an indefinite hold period.

Immediately prior to the Closing, Canadian residents held less than 5% of the outstanding Rubicon RSUs and represented less than 4% of the total number of holders of Rubicon RSUs.

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Rubicon means Rubicon Inc., and its successors and assigns. -------
Rubicon means Rubicon Organics Inc. and, unless otherwise noted or the context indicates otherwise, its direct and indirect subsidiaries.
Rubicon. “Agent” “us” “our” or “we” means Rubicon Estate agents which is a limited company and the registered office is 65 Narrow Street Limehouse E14 8DP.