Rockcliff Group definition

Rockcliff Group means the Company, together with any entities in respect of which the Company or any of its Subsidiaries has any direct or indirect interests, whether through equity, contract or otherwise, including for the avoidance of doubt, through an incorporated or unincorporated joint venture;

Examples of Rockcliff Group in a sentence

The Company grants, and shall procure that each other member of the Rockcliff Group grants, to each of Greenstone and each Transferee, if any (each, a “Significant Shareholder”), subject to Section 5.2, the right to nominate customers (the “Nominated Customers”) to purchase at the Relevant Time the respective Marketing Interest of such Significant Shareholder of the Product (the production of which, in either case, shall have been reasonably estimated by the Company for a given year).

Except as set out in Section 5.3, no member of the Rockcliff Group shall enter into an Offtake Agreement in respect of Greenstone’s Marketing Interest without the prior written consent of Greenstone.

The Nomination Rights shall continue in respect of each Offtake Agreement proposed to be entered into by any member of the Rockcliff Group and the Company shall cause and procure each other member of the Rockcliff Group to grant the Nomination Rights to each Significant Shareholder for the duration of this Agreement, notwithstanding any prior grant of the Nomination Rights to such Significant Shareholder.

Subject to Section 5.3, the Company shall use (and shall cause and procure that each member of the Rockcliff Group uses) its best endeavours to negotiate Offtake Agreements in a timely manner with the Nominated Customers nominated pursuant to Section 5.1 in respect of Product, provided that such terms shall be on an arm’s-length basis.

Lill Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Dynatec Corporation Richmond Hill, Ontario Randall Oliphant Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Rockcliff Group Limited Toronto, Ontario Robert G.