RMHI definition

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In addition, the CONTRACTOR shall ensure that Tennessee’s statutory requirement for a face-to-face evaluation by a mandatory pre-screening agent (MPA), is conducted to assess eligibility for emergency involuntary admission to an RMHI (Regional Mental Health Institute) and determine whether all available less drastic alternatives services and supports are unsuitable.

Unless a shorter period is specified in the relevant RMHI License Agreement with respect to a RMHI Title, Bravo shall advertise and promote its Exhibition of a RMHI Title only within the 30-day period prior to the start of its Exhibition Window with respect to such RMHI Title.

If the Fair Market Value determined by the investment bank(s) is more than 10% higher (in the case of an appraisal of the Partnership), or lower, (in the case of an appraisal of contributed property) than that determined by the Managing Partner, then the fees of the investment banks shall be paid by RMHI.

In sole consideration of such commitment by NBC, at or as promptly as practicable following the Closing, RMHI shall transfer to the Surviving Corporation or BHC (as requested by NBC) 675,000 shares of common stock of Salon.com (as adjusted to reflect any stock split, combination, transaction, dividend, or other distribution which may have occurred subsequent to the date of the Salon.com Stock Purchase Agreement).

From the Closing until the earlier of June 30, 2003 or the termination of the Magno Agreement (provided that such termination is not earlier than the termination of the Transition Services Agreement), Cablevision shall cause RMHI to make available to Bravo all rights (including, without limitation, the use of all services and facilities) under the Agreement between RMHI and Magno Sound, Inc.