Definition of RIO Pipeline

RIO Pipeline means a crude oil transportation pipeline to transport crude oil from Loving County Texas to Midland, Texas, as more specifically described on Exhibit B.
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Examples of RIO Pipeline in a sentence

Caddo Pipeline DKL 50%/ Plains 50% RIO Pipeline DKL 33%/ Rangeland 67% Exp.
The name of the Company is "Rangeland RIO Pipeline, LLC" and all Company Business must be conducted in that name or such other names that comply with Law as the Board may select from time to time.
If any Extension Project would cause the RIO Pipeline or another portion of the Project to become FERC jurisdictional, the Member proposing to connect such Extension Project shall notify the Company and the other Member of such fact and shall not be entitled to connect the Extension Project to the Project or deliver crude oil into the Project from that Extension Project until permitted under applicable Law (including the Company having on file with FERC an applicable tariff).