Definition of RIH Know-How

RIH Know-How means all know-how licensed to MULTICELL under the RIH-MULTICELL Licenses.
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Examples of RIH Know-How in a sentence

In such request, MULTICELL shall provide CORNING with the name of the prospective third party as well as evidence that the third party is under obligations of confidentiality no less restrictive than those established between CORNING and MULTICELL to protect the licensed MULTICELL Know-How and RIH Know-How.
To the extent RIH Patents or RIH Know-How is required to provide products or services under this limited license as a result of which the payment of royalties or other monies may be due to RIH, MULTICELL shall be wholly responsible for making royalty payments directly to RIH as may be required by the RIH-MULTICELL Licenses.