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Richard has the meaning set forth in the recitals to this Agreement.
Richard. J. Mooney, Chairman 17 Hayes Boiler & Mechanical Inc. 18 Rudolf H. Umlauf, Secretary 19 Independent Mechanical Inc. 20 William W. Seiget, Hunter Corp. 21 Steve Thompson, BMW Constructors 22 Neil Magnuson, BMW Constructors
Richard. /s/ Jean-Paul Richard ---------------------------------- Jean-Paul Richard EXHIBIT A FORM OF LETTER OF RESIGNATION August _____, 1997 AGCO Corporation 4830 River Green Parkway Duluth, Georgia 30136 Gentlemen: I hereby resign effective as of August 31, 1997, as an officer, director and employee of, and from all other positions held in, AGCO Corporation and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Very truly yours, EXHIBIT B SHARES EARNED BY RICHARD UNDER LONG-TERM INCENTIVE PLANS Thirty Thousand (30,000) shares under the Amended and Restated Long-Term Incentive Plan, and EXHIBIT C FORM OF REAL ESTATE SALES CONTRACT LEASE INFORMATION MATERIAL TERMS Parties: Automotive Rentals, Inc. ("ARI") AGCO Assignment: Assignment by ARI of right, title and interest to Corestates Bank NA Agent Date: December 16, 1996 Vehicle: 1996 Jeep/Eagle ZJJL74 Grand Cherokee Total Cost: $31,376 AGCO FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN ROBERT RATLIFF RESUMES ROLE OF PRESIDENT AND CEO ATLANTA, August 29, 1997 AGCO Corporation (NYSE:AG) today announced that Robert J. Ratliff, AGCO's founder and Chairman of the Board, will play an expanded role in the management of the Company, resuming the role of President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Ratliff will remain Chairman of the Board. Mr. Ratliff founded AGCO in a management buyout in 1990. Since that time, the company has grown from $200 million in sales to a global manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment with 1996 revenue of $2.3 billion. Mr. Ratliff has an employment contract through 2003. J-P Richard, a member of AGCO's Board of Directors who assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer in November 1996, has submitted his resignation from AGCO Corporation and its board effective immediately. Mr. Ratliff stated, "J-P Richard served with distinction during his tenure as a director and executive and contributed to the achievement of profitable growth and global expansion that has marked AGCO's history". JEAN PAUL RICHARD INSURANCE SUMMARY July, 1997 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACE CARRIER POLICY # DATE TYPE AMOUNT PREMIUM FREQUENCY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Life Insurance Mass Mutual 9 907 164 04/01/97 WL $6,920,000 $500,000.00 Annual Liability Insurance Paul Revere 1028497030 02/01/97 Disability 5,500/mo. 401.03 Monthly MassMutual 9 576 218 04/16/97 Disability 9,500/mo...

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It contributed significantly to the shaping and acceptance of in Andrew Cunningham and Perry Williams (eds), The Laboratory Revolution in Medicine (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992), 14–71; Richard L.

In Britain, Lister’s followers were able to appropriate the term ‘antisepsis’ and expand its meaning, up to point, as Christopher Lawrence and Richard Dixey claim, to encompass all ‘successful surgery’.5 Eventually, they also laid claim to the newly emerging term ‘asepsis’.

Those voting yes: Adam Bradley, Donna Burnham, Ryan Ireland, Richard Steinkopf and Tom Westmoreland.

One might imagine that Richard Sackler’s ambitions have been realized.

Those voting aye: Adam Bradley, Donna Burnham, Ryan Ireland, Richard Steinkopf and Tom Westmoreland.

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Richard means PacifiCorp, an Oregon corporation, and its successors.
Richard means Denis Richard, an individual.
Richard has the meaning set out in the recitals;
Richard means Steven Richard.
Richard exploration concession boundaries will follow the direction on the Universal Mercator (UTM) grid, on vertices with incoming and outgoing angles of 90%, according to that outlined in the following:
Richard. Oram, The Lordship of Galloway, (Edinburgh, 2000), 130-31.
Richard has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.