Definition of Revolver Expiration Date

Revolver Expiration Date means the earliest of (A) the acceleration of the Obligations pursuant to Subsection 6.3, (B) the permanent reduction (whether voluntary or mandatory and whether by means of one or a series of reductions) of the full amount of the Revolver Loan Commitment, or (C) September 30, 2019.
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Examples of Revolver Expiration Date in a sentence

Such fees are to be paid quarterly in arrears on the last day of each calendar quarter for such calendar quarter (or portion thereof), with the final such payment due on the Revolver Expiration Date.
Within the limits of and subject to the Available Revolver Loan Commitment, this Subsection 1.1(A) and Subsections 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8, amounts borrowed under this Subsection 1.1(A) may be repaid or prepaid and, at any time up to and including the Business Day immediately preceding the Revolver Expiration Date, reborrowed.
The expiration date of each Letter of Credit must be on a date which is the earlier of (1) (a) for a standby Letter of Credit, one (1) year from its date of issuance and (b) for a trade Letter of Credit, 180 days from its date of issuance or (2) the 30th day before the date set forth in clause (B) of the definition of the term Revolver Expiration Date, or such later date as agreed to by both Administrative Agent and the Issuing Lender, in their sole discretion.
In addition to any reductions pursuant to Subsections 1.6(B) and 1.6(C), the Revolver Loan Commitment shall be permanently reduced and terminated in full on the Revolver Expiration Date, and any outstanding principal balance of the Revolver Loans not sooner due and payable will become due and payable on the Revolver Expiration Date.
All reductions provided for in this Subsection 1.6(B) shall be in addition to the voluntary reductions provided for in Subsection 1.6(C) and, accordingly, may result in the termination of the Revolver Loan Commitment prior to the date set forth in clause (B) of the definition of the term Revolver Expiration Date.