Definition of Revolver B Borrowing

Revolver B Borrowing means a borrowing consisting of simultaneous Revolver B Advances of the same Type made by each Bank pursuant to Section 2.01(b), continued by each Bank pursuant to Section 2.02(b), or Converted by each Bank to Revolver B Advances of a different Type pursuant to Section 2.02(b).
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Examples of Revolver B Borrowing in a sentence

Borrowings and Advances are also distinguished by "Class." The "Class" of a Borrowing or an Advance refers to the determination whether such Borrowing or Advance is a Revolver A Borrowing or a Revolver B Borrowing or a Revolver A Advance or a Revolver B Advance, as applicable.
The Borrower hereby unconditionally and irrevocably authorizes, empowers, and directs the Administrative Agent and the Banks to record and otherwise treat such reimbursements to the Issuing Bank as Reference Rate Advances under a Revolver B Borrowing requested by the Borrower to reimburse the Issuing Bank which have been transferred to the Issuing Bank at the Borrower's request.
Likewise, if the aggregate principal amount of outstanding Revolver B Loans as of any date exceeds the Revolver B Borrowing Base, the Borrower shall immediately make a mandatory principal payment on the Revolving B Loans necessary to establish compliance.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Section 8.2, the Revolver B Lenders may, by unanimous action of the Revolver B Lenders, reduce the Revolver B Borrowing Base as provided above or otherwise unanimously agree to increase or decrease the Revolver B Borrowing Base in their sole discretion without the consent or agreement of any other Lender.
Borrowings also may be classified and referred to by Class (e.g., a Revolver A Borrowing or a Revolver B Borrowing) or by Type (e.g., a Eurodollar Borrowing) or by Class and Type (e.g., a Eurodollar Revolver A Borrowing or a Eurodollar Revolver B Borrowing).