Definition of Reviewed Financial Statements

Reviewed Financial Statements means (i) with respect to Tribute Pharma, the reviewed financial statements of Tribute Pharma for the period ended March 31, 2011, consisting of a balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in financial position and a statement of retained earnings together with the accompanying notes thereon and (ii) with respect to Tribute Pharmaceuticals, the financial statements of Tribute Pharmaceuticals for the period ended June 30, 2011 prepared on a notice to reader basis, consisting of a balance sheet and an income statement, copies of each of which are attached at Schedule 3.1(16);

Examples of Reviewed Financial Statements in a sentence

If the total Accounts Receivable actually collected as of ninety (90) days after the Closing Date is greater than the Accounts Receivable stated in the Reviewed Financial Statements, the Merger Consideration shall be increased by the amount of such excess, allocated among the Cash Component, the Note Amount and the Share Amount in the same manner as is described in Section 3.2.2(ii).
The balance sheets included in the Closing Interim Period Financial Statements and the Reviewed Financial Statements, respectively, do not include any Excluded Liabilities.
The cost of reviewing the AA Reviewed Financial Statements shall be paid by the Buyer.
In the event that the Company disputes any items or assumptions or methodologies regarding the AA Reviewed Financial Statements within fifteen (15) business days after the Company's receipt thereof, and the parties fail to resolve such dispute within 15 business days thereafter, the parties shall jointly select and retain an independent "Big Five" accounting firm (the "INDEPENDENT ACCOUNTANTS") to review the disputed matter(s) on the AA Reviewed Financial Statements.
The final determination of such disputed matter(s) by the Independent Accountants shall be reflected on the AA Reviewed Financial Statements, which shall be final and binding on the parties for all purposes.