Definition of Restricted Security Legend

Restricted Security Legend means the restricted legend set forth in Exhibit B.

Examples of Restricted Security Legend in a sentence

Beneficial interests in any Restricted Global Note may be transferred to Persons who take delivery thereof in the form of a beneficial interest in the same Restricted Global Note in accordance with the transfer restrictions set forth in the Restricted Security Legend.
Any Definitive Note issued in exchange for a beneficial interest pursuant to this Section 2.06(c)(iii) shall not bear the Restricted Security Legend.
Notes offered and sold in reliance on Rule 144A shall be issued initially in the form of one or more Global Notes bearing the Legends set forth on Exhibit B hereto under the headings Form of Global Note Legend and Form of Restricted Security Legend.
Notes issued in definitive form shall not contain the Global Note Legend, Restricted Security Legend or a Schedule of Principal Amount.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, any Global Note or Definitive Note issued pursuant to subparagraphs (b)(iv), (c)(ii), (c)(iii), (d)(ii), (d)(iii), (e)(ii), (e)(iii) or (f) of this Section 2.06 (and all Notes issued in exchange therefor or substitution thereof) shall not bear the Restricted Security Legend.