Required Controls definition

Required Controls means the controls programs and controls policies, developed by Company and approved by Bank, to govern all aspects of the Program, including the programs and policies listed in Exhibit K.

Examples of Required Controls in a sentence

Company shall report to Bank promptly upon identifying any actual, threatened or suspected violation of Applicable Laws or the Required Controls concerning the Program (a “Reportable Event”), and Company shall cooperate with and report to Bank regarding the investigation of the Reportable Event.

The Required Controls shall be developed by Company and approved by Bank and may be changed only at the direction or with the consent of Bank such consent not to be unreasonably denied, conditioned, delayed or withheld.

Company shall develop the Required Controls in order to ensure that the Program is offered in compliance with Applicable Laws, and that Bank offers the Program in a safe and sound manner.

In the performance of its obligations under this Agreement, Company shall comply with Applicable Laws and shall operate and maintain the Required Controls.