Reporters definition

Reporters means providers and health care payors."
Reporters means providers and health care payers.
Reporters means providers and health care payers as defined

Examples of Reporters in a sentence

  • This filing does not reflect securities, if any, beneficially owned by certain other companies whose beneficial ownership of securities is disaggregated from that of the FMR Reporters in accordance with Securities and Exchange Commission Release No. 34-39538 (January 12, 1998).

  • This filing reflects the securities beneficially owned, or that may be deemed to be beneficially owned, by FMR LLC, certain of its subsidiaries and affiliates, and other companies (collectively, the "FMR Reporters").

  • Reporters should distinguish potential inflows and potential outflows resulting from contingent lines of credit and report them separately, in the specified format.

  • BUSUNUMCongressional RecordThe public proceedings of each House of Congress, as reported by the Official Reporters thereof, are printed pursuant to directions of the Joint Committee on Printing as authorized by appropriateprovisions of Title 44, United States Code, and published for each day that one or both Houses are in session, excepting very infrequent instances when two or more unusually small consecutive issues are printed at one time.

  • Court Reporters shall be paid an annual salary for time spent working under the control, direction and direct supervision of their supervising court during any regular work hours, gap hours or overtime hours.

  • The Official Reporters will transmit to GPO the template formatted electronic file only after receipt of, and authentication with, the hard copy, and signed manuscript.

  • Reporters must not approach players or coaches for interviews or comments during play.

  • Robert Burke said Friday [October 25] while speaking with reporters at the Military Reporters and Editors conference.

  • Reporters of law books report the value shown on the schedule published by the Oregon Department of Revenue in cooperation with the Oregon State Bar Association.

  • Complainants may want to carefully consider whether they share personally identifiable details with non-confidential Mandated Reporters, as those details must be shared with the Title IX Coordinator.

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  • Reporter means the person who is responsible for reporting to the division of workers’ compensation pursuant to the Iowa workers’ compensation laws and includes an employer, an employer who has been relieved from insurance pursuant to Iowa Code section 87.11, and an insurance carrier which provides an employer workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Mandated Reporters means any school personnel who has reason to believe that a vulnerable adult is being or has been maltreated.

  • Roster ’ means a list of persons quali- fied to provide services as neutrals.

  • Billing involves the provision of appropriate usage data by one Telecommunications Carrier to another to facilitate Customer Billing with attendant acknowledgments and status reports. It also involves the exchange of information between Telecommunications Carriers to process claims and adjustments.

  • SMEs mean micro, small and medium-sized enterprises within the meaning of Recommendation 2003/361/EC in the version of 6 May 2003. Part A IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT‌ SECTION 1 – GENERAL PRINCIPLES‌

  • Paraprofessional means a person who does not have an academic degree related to the scope of treatment or support services being provided but performs prescribed functions under the general supervision of that discipline.

  • Prices includes all applicable taxes less all unconditional discounts;

  • Scrutineer means an individual, appointed in writing by a certified candidate, to represent him or her during the voting process.

  • Credentials means the unique log-in identifier entered via the Cloud Portal by which a person could access the Cloud Program.

  • Audiology means the care and services provided by a licensed audiologist as set forth in the member state’s statutes and rules.

  • Selectors means the selectors appointed by Basketball New Zealand in accordance with clause 2 of this Nomination Criteria.

  • Investigators means those persons authorised, appointed, consulted or approached by the Chairman of the Audit Committee and includes the Auditors of the Company and the Police.

  • Nudity means the showing, representation, or depiction of human male or female genitals, pubic area, or buttocks with less than a full, opaque covering, or of a female breast with less than a full, opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple, or of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state.

  • Project Managers means the operator or manager of each Project, with the Project Manager for each Project in existence on the date hereof set forth on Schedule 1.1(d) hereto.

  • Supervisors includes employees in other employee classifications who perform supervisory functions.

  • Mandatory Reporter means any public or private official who, while acting in an official capacity, comes in contact with and has reasonable cause to believe that an individual with disabilities has suffered abuse, or that any person with whom the official comes in contact while acting in an official capacity, has abused the individual with disabilities. Pursuant to ORS 430.765(2) psychiatrists, psychologists, clergy and attorneys are not mandatory reporters with regard to information received through communications that are privileged under ORS 40.225 to 40.295.

  • Professional athlete means an athlete who performs services in a professional athletic event for wages or other remuneration.

  • Auditor means the person for the time being performing the duties of auditor of the Company (if any).

  • Transcript means a printed verbatim reproduction of everything said on the record during a hearing or other official proceeding.

  • Conciliation means the attempted resolution of issues raised by a complaint, or by the investigation of such complaint, through informal negotiations involving the aggrieved person, the respondent, and the Secretary.

  • Encounter means a record of a medically-related service rendered by an AHCCCS-registered provider to a member enrolled with a contractor on the date of service.

  • Transporter(s) means all Gas gathering or pipeline companies, or local distribution companies, acting in the capacity of a transporter, transporting Gas for Seller or Buyer upstream or downstream, respectively, of the Delivery Point pursuant to a particular transaction.

  • Suppliers and/or "Contractor" means the individual, firm or corporation, awarded the contract(s) and/or order(s) for the final agreement(s) of this Invitation to Bid.

  • market surveillance means the activities carried out and measures taken by market surveillance authorities to ensure that goods comply with the applicable requirements and do not endanger health, safety or any other aspect of public interest protection;

  • Mandated reporter means any school personnel who knows or has reason to believe a child is being neglected or physically or sexually abused, or has been neglected or physically or sexually abused within the preceding three years.

  • competent authorities means the competent authorities of the Member States as identified on the websites listed in Annex II;