Repair Warranty definition

Repair Warranty shall have the meaning set forth in ‎Section 8.03(b)(i).
Repair Warranty means any written guaranty, warranty or other obligation for repair or maintenance, from any contractor, manufacturer or vendor, with respect to any of the Improvements or Personal Property, to the extent held by Seller.
Repair Warranty. For a period of [*] or the remainder of the original warranty period for the Product, whichever is longer, from the date of repaired Product is Delivered to Buyer, Supplier will repair or replace Products, at Supplier's discretion, without charge if the Product fails to conform to the specifications specified in this SOW. The warranty period for repaired Post Warranty Products will be determined based on the out of warranty repair price listed under pricing in this Section.

Examples of Repair Warranty in a sentence

  • Flextronics warrants that Repaired Products will comply with the warranties set forth in section 8.1(a) - 8.1(c) and 8.1(e) and that Flextronics will otherwise perform the Repair Services in a workmanlike manner ("Repair Warranty").

  • Council is asked to approve a Professional Services Agreement for the Water and Sewer Line Repair Warranty Program, as requested by the Utilities and Engineering Department.

  • Parts that wear out due to normal usage such as; air filters, fuses and sensors are not covered by this warranty.NOTE: Refrigerant lost during the Initial 90‐day Comprehensive or Internet Connected Conditional One‐Year Repair Warranty will be reimbursed in accordance to the current market price of refrigerant at the time of repair and upon discretion of Customer Support team.

  • This Calibration and Repair Warranty does not apply to nor cover repairs that may otherwise occur to the instrument.

  • Parts that wear out due to normal usage, such as air filters, fuses and sensors are not covered by this warranty.NOTE: Refrigerant lost during the Initial 90‐day Comprehensive or Internet Connected, Conditional One-Year Repair Warranty will be reimbursed in accordance to the current market price of refrigerant at the time ofrepair and upon discretion of DASV’s Customer Support team.

  • According to the IEA, energy-related spending from these programmes amounted to US$1.8 billion in 2004, a modest decrease in R&D finance, which during the 1990s exceeded US$2 billion.14 Neither member states nor Europe-wide research programmes have been increased at a scale commensurate with the political imperative placed on energy and climate security by European leaders.

  • The Repair Warranty shall apply to defects that appear within twelve (12) months from completion of the Repair Services (the “Repair Warranty Period”).

  • This Limited Repair Warranty does not cover (1) damage due to ordinary wear and tear, abusive use or lack of proper maintenance; (2) damage due to the user’s failure to adhere to manufacturer’s guidelines; (3) equipment that is disassembled or modified in any way by anyone other than Seller; (4) equipment that is “repaired as needed”; or (5) consequential or incidental damages of any kind.

  • This Limited Repair Warranty is the only warranty given by Seller.

  • With regard to the Premium Repair Warranty Program: (a) Company must obtain an RMA Number from Elavon in order to initiate the warranty process, and (b) Elavon will bear the risk of loss of the repaired POS Device while such POS Device is in the possession of Elavon or its freight carrier, and Company will bear the risk of loss at all other times.

More Definitions of Repair Warranty

Repair Warranty shall have the meaning set out in Article 10.
Repair Warranty. Repaired/replaced Products have the remainder of their original warranty from their original shipment from ACCELGRAPHICS, Inc. If the repaired/replaced board continues to be defective with the same root cause, ACCELGRAPHICS, Inc. CRF will repair or replace it at no cost to HP. There is no implied warranty for all Products that have been repaired outside warranty.
Repair Warranty. Shall have the meaning set forth in Section 13.10.
Repair Warranty shall have the meaning set out in Section 10.1.

Related to Repair Warranty

  • Warranty means Borrower’s guarantee to Buyer that the Items will function as intended during the warranty period set forth in the applicable Export Order.

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty means the warranty supplied from time to time by the manufacturer of the Goods as at the date of the acceptance of the Statement of Work; “PPSA” means the Personal Property Securities Xxx 0000; “Price” means the amount specified within each Statement of Work (subject to any Variation) or as otherwise specified from the Company to the Customer representing the cost for the Works; “Related Work” means any additional building, carpentry, painting, plastering, plumbing or other work or other trades that the Customer requires, which are not to be carried out by the Company; “Services” means the services provided by the Company to the Customer as part of the Works, which may include without limitation the installation of Goods; “Services Delay Charge” means the services delay charge (if any) set out in the Statement of Work; “Services Interruption Event” means any interruption to a Works caused by; a Force Majeure Event, the Customer’s failure to carry out or perform any obligation required of it under this agreement which in the sole opinion of the Company does or may cause a delay in the Works and any other matter which in the reasonable opinion of the Company will cause an interruption or delay in the performance of the Works; “Statement of Work” means the details outlining the provision of the Works, which statement can be delivered verbally or in writing (including email) and may include (where applicable) an estimate or quotation (as specifically expressed as the case) of costs; “Variation” means a change in the Statement of Work including the specifications, scope, time of supply, price or scale of the Works and such variation shall form part of this agreement; “Workmanship” means a good and high quality and standard of delivery in connection with the Services performed; “Works” means the supply of Goods and the provision of Services to the Customer as per each Statement of Work;

  • Improvement warranty means an applicant's unconditional warranty that the applicant's installed and accepted landscaping or infrastructure improvement:

  • Extended Warranty means an agreement for a specified duration to

  • Product Warranty has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1(a).

  • Warranty Period /„Maintenance Period‟ shall mean the period during which the Contractor shall remain liable for repair or replacement of any defective part of the Works performed under the Contract.

  • Limited Warranty means the limited warranties and your coverage provided by IKO for your Shingles as expressly set out in this document, and are the only warranties being provided by IKO.

  • Repair or replacement means the restoration of vehicles, vessels, or outboard motors to a sound working condition by substituting any inoperative part of the vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor, or by correcting the inoperative part.

  • Repair means to restore to proper operating condition a tank, pipe, spill prevention equipment, overfill prevention equipment, corrosion protection equipment, release detection equipment or other UST system component that has caused a release of product from the UST system or has failed to function properly.

  • Improvement warranty period means a period:

  • Latent Defects means such defects caused by faulty designs, material or work-man- ship which cannot be detected during inspection, testing etc, based on the technology available for carrying out such tests.

  • Seller Warranties shall have the meaning ascribed to the term in Clause 7.1.

  • Warranty Rights means the Warranty Rights as described in Schedule I to the Participation Agreement.

  • Seller’s Warranties means the warranties given by the Seller pursuant to Clause 9 and Schedule 9, and “Seller’s Warranty” means any one of them;

  • Repairs means the repairs to be made to the Mortgaged Property, as described on the Repair Schedule of Work (Exhibit C) or as otherwise required by Lender in accordance with this Loan Agreement.

  • Warranty Xxxx of Sale means the warranty (as to title) xxxx of sale covering the Aircraft executed by Manufacturer or an affiliate of Manufacturer in favor of Company and specifically referring to each Engine, as well as the Airframe, constituting a part of the Aircraft.

  • Workmanship means a good and high quality and standard of delivery in connection with the Services performed; “Works” means the supply of Goods and the provision of Services to the Customer as per each Statement of Work;

  • Defects Liability Period (Warranty Period) means the period stated in the Schedule A Special Stipulations, following the taking over, during which the Contractor is responsible for making good defects and damage in accordance with Clause 15.

  • Express warranty means any material statement, affirmation of fact, promise or description relating to a product or service warranting that it conforms to such material statement, affirmation, promise or description and includes any sample or model of a product warranting that the whole of such product conforms to such sample or model;

  • Latent Defect means a defect, inherently lying within the material or arising out of design deficiency, which do not manifest themselves and/or was not reasonably discoverable during Defect Liability period.

  • Purchaser Warranties the representations, warranties and undertakings made by the Purchaser and contained in Clause 6 and Schedule 3;

  • Nonconforming use means a use of land that:

  • Supplier Equipment means the Supplier's hardware, computer and telecoms devices, equipment, plant, materials and such other items supplied and used by the Supplier (but not hired, leased or loaned from the Customer) in the performance of its obligations under this Call Off Contract;

  • Repair coating means a coating used to re-coat portions of a previously coated product which has sustained mechanical damage to the coating following normal coating operations.

  • Standard equipment means the basic configuration of a vehicle which is equipped with all the features that are required under the regulatory acts of the Contracting Party including all features that are fitted without giving rise to any further specifications on configuration or equipment level.

  • The Equipment means any equipment, computer hardware or software, materials, goods and vehicles and associated services necessarily required for the implementation of the Services, which the Supplier cannot reasonably be expected to provide, which are financed or provided by DFID for use by the Supplier.