Definition of Rentable Area of the Shopping Centre

Rentable Area of the Shopping Centre means the area in square feet of all rentable premises in the Shopping Centre set aside for leasing by the Landlord from time to time, except for any store occupying an area in excess of 10,000 square feet, any theatre, kiosks, gas bar, library, post office or other governmental agency or office, any premises located on a floor generally designated by the Landlord for use or occupancy by office tenants or for office purposes (whether or not such premises are in fact used by an office tenant or for office purposes), any premises not fronting on or having access to the enclosed mall (if any), and any basements or mezzanines, storage areas or free-standing buildings. Provided however that the Landlord shall credit to Operating Costs any contributions received in respect of such Operating Costs from the occupants of any of the areas excluded from the Rentable Area of the Shopping Centre in accordance with this definition. Provided further that in determining the fraction that is the Tenant's Proportionate Share, if the Leased Premises consists of any of the foregoing excluded categories, the Rentable Area of that category will be included in the Rentable Area of the Shopping Centre.