Renewal Periods definition

Renewal Periods means subsequent 12 month periods from the end of the Initial Period or subsequent Renewal Period.
Renewal Periods for which we shall have exercised the options hereafter provided. We shall have seven (7) separate options, each to extend the Term for a Renewal Period. The Initial Period and each Renewal Period are each hereafter sometimes referred to generally as a "Contract Period." Each Renewal Period is hereafter sometimes referred to respectively in chronological order as the "First Renewal Period," "Second Renewal Period," "Third Renewal Period," "Fourth Renewal Period," "Fifth Renewal Period," "Sixth Renewal Period" and "Seventh Renewal Period." We may exercise each option to extend the Term for a Renewal Period by giving you notice of our election to do so at any time prior to the commencement of the Renewal Period for which our option is exercised;
Renewal Periods. The two (2) additional periods of five years each for which Tenant is permitted to extend the Term of this Lease. The Option(s) to Renew terms and conditions are set forth in Exhibit "E" attached hereto.

Examples of Renewal Periods in a sentence

  • The Participant acknowledges and agrees that during the Initial Term and any Renewal Periods the Participant shall not transfer under section 1 of the Act any balances of dormant accounts within the meaning of the Act other than to the Reclaim Fund.

  • We will only object to you moving to an alternative supplier if you try to end the Contract early i.e. within the Initial Period or during any subsequent Renewal Period(s) (where applicable) and/or where you have debt on your account.

More Definitions of Renewal Periods

Renewal Periods means the period which follows the end of the Base Period and as to which Lessee and Lessor shall have agreed to renew this Lease pursuant to Section 3(g) hereof.
Renewal Periods has the same meaning set out in clause 7.1;
Renewal Periods means the one or more periods of one (1) year each by which this Agreement may be extended beyond its original term pursuant to Section 9 herein.
Renewal Periods means subsequent 12 month periods from the end of the Initial Period.
Renewal Periods means consecutive and successive 12 month periods following the Initial Subscription Term;
Renewal Periods. The County reservices the right to renew the PPA for five (5) additional years, one (1) year at a time or any combination thereof, if agreeable to both parties.”
Renewal Periods means, with respect to a Statement of Work, each of the five (5) year renewal periods which can extend the corresponding License Period as provided in Section 2(c) and, with respect to the first Renewal Period and third Renewal Period, the payment by VitalPet of the corresponding Renewal Fee.