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Registered nursing means the contribution payable by the NHS for resisteredCare Contribution” nursing care
Registered nursing means the practice of the full scope of nursing which includes, but is not limited to:
Registered nursing means the practice of nursing which includes but is not limited to:

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Registered nursing staff perform clinical care and medication management activities within their scope of practice.

Registered nursing at the associate degree level involves the provision of direct care for individuals and families and is characterized by the application of verified knowledge in the skillful performance of nursing functions.

APPLICATIONS FOR THE RN LICENSING EXAMThe following students are Eligible for NCLEX - RN:• Associate of Science Degree in Nursing• 45 quarter unit option LVN student or out-of-state nurse with deficiency(ies) in academic units/hours required by the California Board of Registered nursing Students must submit an application to the State Board for Registered Nursing in order to take the NCLEX - RN.

Registered nursing and practical nursing applicants' educated in a com- mission approved Washington state nursing education pro- gram and applying for initial licensure must:(1) Successfully complete a commission approved nurs- ing education program.

Registered nursing and care staff perform care and medication management activities within their scope of practice.

Registered nursing personnel trained in the care of trauma patients.

Registered nursing care must be furnished on a continuous 24-hour basis.

Registered nursing homes were also invited to make written submissions to the Panel as part of this process and HIQA provided additional support in circulating these invitations, on the basis that the Authority is in directcommunication with all registered nursing homes.

Registered nursing staff are responsible for wound management, completion of treatment records, documenting interventions and wound monitoring.

Team’s findingsThe home meets this expected outcome Registered nursing staff follow processes to assess residents when they come in to the home and inform staff of interventions required to maintain resident skin integrity consistent with their general health on an ongoing basis.

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Registered nursing means the application of nursing knowledge, judgment, and skill drawn from broad in-depth education in the biological, psychological, social, and physical sciences in assessing and di- agnosing the health status of a client, and in planning, implementing, and evaluating client care which promotes the optimum health, wellness, and independence of the individual, the family, and the community.
Registered nursing means the practice of the full scope of nursing. The registered nurse assumes accountability for the delivery of nursing care within ODOC. Registered nurses are responsible for the coordination of inmate care and are accountable for their own practice. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
Registered nursing means the practice of nursing, which includes:
Registered nursing means the practice of the full scope of

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Registered nurse means a person who has been issued a certificate of registration as a registered nurse pursuant to the Health Professions Act and Regulations, and who holds an annual certificate.
Registered nurse (RN) means a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program at a regionally accredited university or college, has passed the state examination for licensure, and has been registered and licensed to practice by the WY State Board of Nursing.
Registered dietitian means an individual approved to work as a dietitian by the American Dietetic Association’s Commission on Dietetic Registration.
Registered Name refers to a domain name within the domain of the Registry TLD, whether consisting of two or more (e.g., levels, about which VNDS or an affiliate engaged in providing registry services maintains data in a registry database, arranges for such maintenance, or derives revenue from such maintenance. A name in a registry database may be a Registered Name even though it does not appear in a TLD zone file (e.g., a registered but inactive name).
registered patient means a patient who is included in a list that is a registered patient list for the purposes of the Primary Medical Services (Sale of Goodwill and Restrictions on Sub- contracting) Regulations 2004(e);
Registered User means a person who is for the time being registered as such under section 49;
registered dentist means a fully registered person within the meaning of the Dentists Act 1984 who holds a license to practice under that Act;
registered pharmacist means a person whose name is for the time being entered in the register of the State in which he is for the time being residing or carrying on his profession or business of pharmacy;
Registered Entity means (1) a board of trade designated as a contract market under section 5 of the CEA; (2) a Derivatives Clearing Organization; (3) a board of trade designated as a contract market under section 5f of the CEA; (4) a Swap Execution Facility registered under section 5h of the CEA; (5) a Swap Data Repository registered under section 21 of the CEA; and (6) with respect to a contract that the CFTC determines is a significant price discovery contract, any electronic trading facility on which the contract is executed or traded.
Certified registered nurse anesthetist means an advanced practice registered nurse who is certified
Registered Player means a person whose application for registration with the Club has been validated by the Registrar for the current playing season;
registered land means land in England or Wales, title to which is registered at H.M. Land Registry;
Advanced practice registered nurse means an individual licensed pursuant to subsection (b) of section 20-94a of the Connecticut General Statutes;
registered medical practitioner means a registered medical practitioner within the meaning of the Medical Practice Act 1994;
registered firm means a registered dealer, a registered adviser, or a registered investment fund manager; “registered individual” means an individual who is registered
Registered design in this Act shall mean a design for which a design registration has been granted.
registered company means a company registered under the enactments relating to companies for the time being in force in the United Kingdom.
Registered Global Note means a Regulation S Global Note or a Rule 144A Global Note;
Registered Global Security means a Security evidencing all or a part of a series of Registered Securities, issued to the Depositary for such series in accordance with Section 2.02, and bearing the legend prescribed in Section 2.02.
Registered Loan has the meaning set forth in Section 13.1(h) of the Agreement.
Registered Plan means a registered pension plan, deferred profit sharing plan, registered retirement savings plan, registered retirement income fund, registered education savings plan or other deferred income plan registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada);
registered trade union ’ means a trade union registered in terms of section 96 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995);
Advanced registered nurse practitioner or “ARNP” means a person who is currently licensed as a registered nurse under Iowa Code chapter 152 or chapter 152E who is licensed by the board as an advanced registered nurse practitioner.
Registered professional nurse or “r.n.” means an individual licensed under this article to engage in the practice of nursing which scope of practice includes the teaching, direction, and supervision of less skilled personnel in the performance of delegated nursing activities.
Registered Note means a Note issued in registered form.
Registered voter means a person who is registered to vote pursuant to chapter 48A.