Recycling Depot definition

Recycling Depot means a development where bottles, cans, newspapers, and similar household goods are bought, sold, and temporarily stored for reuse and where all storage is contained within an enclosed building;
Recycling Depot means a facility used for the purchasing, collection, sorting, packaging, and temporary storage of empty bottles, cans, and containers or other recyclable and reusable materials and where storage is contained within an enclosed building;
Recycling Depot means a facility for the collection, repackaging and shipping of recyclable materials. Recyclable materials include paper, plastic, glass, tin or any other product that can be recycled;

Examples of Recycling Depot in a sentence

  • Director Environmental Services pursing.(ii) Quandialla Recycling Depot – operating very well.

  • The following facilities are recognized as institutional uses on Gabriola: Agricultural Hall, Women’s Institute Hall, Gabriola Community Hall, Seniors’ Rollo Centre, Gabriola Recycling Depot, Highway Works Yard, the museum, churches and the cemetery.

  • The transition function can be naturally extended to strings of events.

  • The central part of the application site will essentially incorporate an informal grassed kickabout area with self-binding gravel footpaths, tree planting and woodland planting along the southern boundary adjoining the Western Road Recycling Depot.

  • Large items such as old fridges and hot water tanks can be recycled at the Vancouver South Transfer Station and Recycling Depot on West Kent Avenue North.

More Definitions of Recycling Depot

Recycling Depot means a location where recyclable materials are accepted from the
Recycling Depot means a building or land in which is used material separated and processed prior to shipment for repeated use or to others who will use those materials to manufacture new products, and may include the handling of hazardous materials.
Recycling Depot means a City facility or other placedesignated by the Senior Administrative Officer where segregated recyclables may be disposed of, and can include a Bottle Depot established by another order of government;
Recycling Depot means an area used for the collection, sorting, and temporary storage of discarded materials which are taken elsewhere to be recycled;
Recycling Depot means any designated portion of a premises, lot, or parcel of land that has been allocated for the collection of recyclable materials in conjunction with the municipal recycling program. Each depot will be comprised of a number of recycling bins which are to be used for collection and transportation of all recyclable materials;