Recreational land definition

Recreational land means land so designated under
Recreational land means land so designated under RCW
Recreational land means land so designated under RCW 36.70A.1701 and that, immediately prior to this designation, was designated as agricultural land of long-term commercial significance under RCW 36.70A.170. Recreational land must have playing fields and supporting facilities existing before July 1, 2004, for sports played on grass playing fields.

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  • Absorbing this into theHowever, growing interest has been expressed in an inte- grated approach and the database could be a key tool in the process of recrafting the legal framework with respect to functional assignment.From the point of view of GTZ, the investment made in this tool, compared to its use to date, raises questions of the appropriateness of investing in a tool that takes sever- al years to develop, and presents challenges to being inte- grated within the government itself.

  • Recreational land development lots or camping sites shall be at least fifty (50) feet wide and one hundred (100) feet deep, excepting transient recreational land developments which may be clustered.

  • Recreational land use occurs primarily in Bastrop County with the presence of Bastrop and Xxxxxxxx State Parks, several public parks and natural areas owned and operated by the Lower Colorado River Authority, and two outdoor wilderness areas owned and operated by the Boy Scouts of America/Capital Area Council.

  • Recreational land uses would consist mainly of active and passive parks and trails that provide a variety of recreational services to area residents.

  • Recreational land is under increasing pressure for redevelopment and there will often be a strong objection to redevelopment because of the contribution the site makes to the amenity of the surrounding area.

  • Recreational land uses within this category are limited to recreational vehicle parks and uses which consist primarily of outdoor facilities such as parks, athletic fields, golf courses, and swim and tennis clubs.

  • PROPERTY LOCATION RATEPAYER NAME24 Kidston Parade, Mansfield Mansfield Golf Club 50 Mt Battery Road, Mansfield Mansfield Agricultural & Pastoral Society 3807 Midland Highway, Barjarg Nillahcootie Sailing Club35-37 Ailsa Street, Mansfield Mansfield Bowls Club 53 Bayside Boulevard, Goughs Bay Goughs Bay Boat Club Cultural and Recreational land will receive a concessional rate equivalent to 73% of the residential improved land rate.

  • The data discussed thus far do not clarify whether there is a sufficient quantity of teachers supplied each year in fields such as mathematics and science—our objective.

  • Recreational land must have playing fields and 33 supporting facilities existing before July 1, 2004, for sports played 34 on grass playing fields.

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Recreational land means land most suitable for uses which provide for activities or services of a rec- reational nature. Recreational nature shall include, but not be limited to, parks, campsites, lodges and similar uses and facilities.
Recreational land means land used for leisure-time use, including facilities such as parks and camps, as well as areas for less intensive uses such as hiking, canoeing, and other undeveloped recreational uses;

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