Reasonable detail definition

Reasonable detail means that, but for minor deviations, the information can be reviewed and evaluated by Central University of Jharkhand without communication with the Bidder). Central University of Jharkhand reserves the right to determine whether the information has been provided in reasonable detail.
Reasonable detail means “such level of detail and degree of assurance as would satisfy prudent officials in the conduct of their own affairs.”
Reasonable detail means such level of detail as would satisfy prudent officials in the conduct of their own affairs. Such books and records shall be retained for at least seven (7) years following the Agreement’s termination.

Examples of Reasonable detail in a sentence

  • Reasonable detail of proposed changes, expected impact and grounds.

  • This includes 40 measures that deliver electric savings and 24 measures that deliver natural gas savings.

  • Ultimately, it is our responsibility to determine whether a political ques- tion is present, rather than to dismiss on that ground simply because the Executive Branch expresses some hesitancy about a case proceeding.

  • Such notice shall set forth, in Reasonable detail, the nature of the default and, where known and applicable, the steps necessary to cure such default.

  • Reasonable detail should be provided to evidence that the Member was given a fair chance to respond and this was properly taken into account.

  • Reasonable detail includes a detailed and itemized list that describes each alleged construction defect, the location that each alleged construction defect has been observed by the purchaser in each dwelling that is the subject of the notice and the impairmentto the dwelling that has occurred as a result of each of the alleged construct defects or is reasonably likely to occur if the alleged construction defects are not repaired or replaced.

  • Provides the information in Reasonable detail (“Reasonable Detail” means the details which but for minor deviations, contains the information, which can be reviewed and evaluated by EDMC without communication with the Bidder.) EDMC reserves the right to determine whether the information has been provided in Reasonable Detail.

  • Such notice shall describe the claim in Reasonable detail, and shall indicate the amount (estimated, if necessary) of the claim, if possible, that has been, or may be sustained by, said Party.

  • Reasonable detail necessarily entails an estimate of the amount of the servitude area that will be available to CHS for navigation purposes after Plaquemines Holdings, LLC ’s dock has been constructed.

  • The Disciplinary Hearing Notice must provide: o Reasonable detail of the alleged Offence; o Notice of possible sanctions; and o Date, time and place of the disciplinary hearing.

More Definitions of Reasonable detail

Reasonable detail means a level of detail and a degree of reliability that would satisfy cautious people in the management of their own affairs. Know or knowledge means, in relation to a violation of the Code, the real knowledge of such violation or the possession of information that leads one to believe that there is a high probability that such violation has occurred or that it will occur. Designated People considers all individuals opportunely appointed by the Company’s DirectorsCommittee as Code of Business Conduct Managers(2).

Related to Reasonable detail

  • Reasonable Steps means those steps the Receiving Party takes to protect its own similar proprietary and confidential information, which must not be less than a reasonable standard of care.

  • Commercially Reasonable Efforts means such application of effort and resources by a reasonably prudent and diligent biopharmaceutical company similar in size and stage of operations as the relevant Party as would be consistent with its actions in respect of a product or compound of similar market potential and at a similar stage in its development or product life, taking into account, without limitation, with respect to a product, issues of safety and efficacy, product profile, the proprietary position of the product, the then current competitive environment for the product (other than products the relevant Party may be introducing) and the likely timing of the product’s entry into the market, the regulatory environment of the product, and other relevant scientific, technical and commercial factors (including pricing), but explicitly not taking into account any financial obligations that would be owed to Zosano under this Agreement. Notwithstanding the foregoing, to the extent that the performance of a Party’s responsibilities hereunder is adversely affected by the other Party’s failure to perform its responsibilities hereunder, such Party will not be deemed to have failed to use its

  • Reasonable payment means, with respect to professional and other technical services, a payment in an amount that is consistent with the amount normally paid for such services in the private sector.