Real Estate Documents definition

Real Estate Documents means, collectively, with respect to any Real Estate, (i) a Mortgage duly executed by each applicable Loan Party, together with (A) title insurance policies in amounts reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent (but not to exceed 100% of the fair market value of such Real Estate in any jurisdiction that imposes a material mortgage recording tax or 110% otherwise), current as-built ALTA/ACSM Land Title surveys certified to the Administrative Agent, zoning letters, building permits and certificates of occupancy, in each case relating to such Real Estate and reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to the Administrative Agent, (B) (x) Life of LoanFederal Emergency Management Agency Standard Flood Hazard determinations, (y) notices, in the form required under the Flood Insurance Laws, about special flood hazard area status and flood disaster assistance duly executed by each Loan Party, and (z) if any improved real property encumbered by any Mortgage is located in a special flood hazard area, a policy of flood insurance that (1) covers such improved real property, (2) is written in an amount not less than the outstanding principal amount of the Indebtedness secured by such Mortgage reasonably allocable to such real property or the maximum limit of coverage made available with respect to the particular type of property under the Flood Insurance Laws, whichever is less, and (3) is otherwise on terms satisfactory to the Administrative Agent and, (C) evidence that counterparts of such Mortgages have been recorded in all places to the extent necessary or desirable, in the reasonable judgment of the Administrative Agent, to create a valid and enforceable first priority Lien (subject to Permitted Encumbrances and Specified Permitted Liens) on such Real Estate in favor of the Administrative Agent for the benefit of the Secured Parties (or in favor of such other trustee as may be required or desired under local law), (D) an opinion of counsel in each state in which such Real Estate is located in form and substance and from counsel reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent, (E) a duly executed Environmental Indemnity with respect thereto, and (F) such other reports, documents, instruments and agreements as the Administrative Agent shall reasonably request, each in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Administrative Agent.
Real Estate Documents has the meaning specified in Section 3.7.

Examples of Real Estate Documents in a sentence

  • To the extent otherwise permitted hereunder, if any Loan Party proposes to acquire a fee ownership interest in Real Estate after the Closing Date having a fair market value in excess of $7,500,000 as of the date of the acquisition thereof, it shall at the time of such acquisition provide to the Administrative Agent Real Estate Documents in regard to such Real Estate.

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Real Estate Documents means,
Real Estate Documents collectively, the Project Mortgage, the Easement Agreements, the Greenhouse Mortgage Assignment and the Virginia Power First Refusal Agreement.
Real Estate Documents means, collectively, the Ground Leases and the Rental Agreements.