re-employed pensioner definition

re-employed pensioner means a member who, after

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self-employed person means a person who, in the applicable legislation, comes within the definition of a self-employed earner or of a self-employed person or is treated as such, and the words “person is self-employed” shall be construed accordingly;
Self-Employed Individual means an individual who has Earned Income for the taxable year from the trade or business for which the Plan is established, and, also, an individual who would have had Earned Income but for the fact that the trade or business had no net profits for the taxable year. A Self-Employed Individual shall be treated as an Employee.
employed person (“person cyflogedig”) means an employed person within the meaning of Annex 1 to the Swiss Agreement;
war pension means a war disablement pension, a war widow’s pension or a war widower’s pension;
Surviving Spouse means the widow or widower, as the case may be, of a Deceased Participant or a Deceased Beneficiary (as applicable).
Retired Employee means any person who would be an annuitant as that term is defined herein but for the fact that such person retired prior to January 1, 1966. Such term also includes any person formerly employed by the University of Illinois in the Cooperative Extension Service who would be an annuitant but for the fact that such person was made ineligible to participate in the State Universities Retirement System by clause (4) of subsection (a) of Section 15-107 of the Illinois Pension Code.
Former Participant means a person who has been a Participant, but who has ceased to be a Participant for any reason.
Plan Participant means a person who is eligible to receive, and is receiving, a pension benefit from the Plan.
Retired Participant means a person who has been a Participant, but who has become entitled to retirement benefits under the Plan.
Former Spouse means the individual who is considered by Applicable Laws to be the Annuitant’s former spouse or common-law partner;
Accrued Benefit means the amount standing in a Participant's Account(s) as of any date derived from both Employer contributions and Employee contributions, if any.
Inactive Participant means any individual who was an Active Participant, but is no longer an Eligible Employee and who has an Account under the Plan.
Plan Benefit means the benefit payable to a Participant as calculated in Article V.
Alternate Payee means any spouse, former spouse, child, or other dependent of a Participant who is recognized by a DRO as having a right to receive all, or a portion of, the benefits payable under the Plan with respect to such Participant.
Disability Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 8.
Vested Benefits means amounts which are vested or which Executive is otherwise entitled to receive under the terms of or in accordance with any plan, policy, practice or program of, or any contract or agreement with, the Company or any of its subsidiaries, at or subsequent to the date of his termination without regard to the performance by Executive of further services or the resolution of a contingency.
Regular Part-Time Employee means an employee who is employed on a regular part-time schedule of weekly hours which are less than the number constituting full-time employment for a particular class of positions, for an indefinite period of time.
Employee Account means any brokerage account or unit investment trust account in which the Van Kampen Employee has any direct or indirect beneficial ownership.
Designated Beneficiary means the beneficiary designated by a Participant, in a manner determined by the Committee, to receive amounts due or exercise rights of the Participant in the event of the Participant’s death. In the absence of an effective designation by a Participant, “Designated Beneficiary” means the Participant’s estate.
Pharmacy benefit manager means a person, business or other
Active Participant means, with respect to any day or date, a Participant who is in Service on such day or date; provided, that a Participant shall cease to be an Active Participant (i) immediately upon a determination by the Committee that the Participant has ceased to be an Employee or Independent Contractor, or (ii) at the end of the Plan Year that the Committee determines the Participant no longer meets the eligibility requirements of the Plan.
Survivor Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 10.
war disablement pension means any retired pay or pension or allowance payable in respect of disablement under an instrument specified in section 639(2) of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003;
Regular Employee meaning an employee who is employed for work which is of a continuous full-time or continuous part-time nature;
Pre-Retirement Survivor Benefit means the benefit set forth in Article 6.
SERP Benefit means the benefit described in Section 5.1.