Radionavigation Service definition

Radionavigation Service means a service involving the determination of the position, velocity and/or other characteristics of an object, or the obtaining of information related to these parameters, by means of the propagation properties of radio waves and used for the purposes of navigation, including obstruction warning;
Radionavigation Service means a service for the purpose of navigation including the purpose of announcing obstruction warnings;
Radionavigation Service means a radiodetermination service for the purpose of radionavigation;

Examples of Radionavigation Service in a sentence

  • Aeronautical Radionavigation Service The Federal Government is not operating aeronautical radionavigation systems in the 1613.6-1626.5 MHz band at this time.

  • Aeronautical Radionavigation Service At this time, the Federal Government does not operate systems in the aeronautical radionavigation service in the 1610-1610.6 MHz band.

  • The RNSS allocation in these bands is shared with the Aeronautical Radionavigation Service (ARNS).

  • Aeronautical Radionavigation Service The Federal Government is not operating aeronautical radionavigation systems in the 1610.6-1613.8 MHz band at this time.

  • The Final Acts of the Regional Administrative Radio Conference for the Planning of the Maritime Radionavigation Service (Radiobeacons), Geneva, 1985 contain a Regional Agreement and an associated Frequency Assignment Plan for the maritime radionavigation service.

  • The specific ITU band designations that defineU.S. PNT services are listed below:• Aeronautical Radionavigation Service (ARNS);• Radionavigation Satellite Service (RNSS);• Radionavigation Service (RNS).DoD, DHS, and DOT have responsibility for the certification of PNT applications pursuant to government responsibilities for national security and public safety.

  • The frequency band at 4200 to 4400 MHz has been allocated to the Aeronautical Radionavigation Service, and is reserved exclusively for radio altimeters by footnote S5.438.

  • Services for which approved allocations now exist in the 5091 to 5150 MHz band include Aeronautical Radionavigation Service (ARNS), Aeronautical Mobile Service (AMS) (specifically Aeronautical Security (AS)), Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry (AMT), Aeronautical Mobile (Route) Service (AM(R)S), and Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) (specifically Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) feeder uplink).

  • In a number of LF and MF frequency bands, for example between 415 and 495 kHz, and in all 3 ITU Regions, there are shared allocations between the Aeronautical Radionavigation Service and the Maritime Mobile Service.

  • The band 5000 to 5250 MHz is allocated to the Aeronautical Radionavigation Service (ARNS).

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